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The filling is reminiscent of one of the best recipes on the epicurious site that kicks up the blue cheese with prosciutto. I've made it many times in different forms: Ruth, you're so right--who would fiddle with the sprout innards?
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2015 on A Truly Ridiculous Recipe at Ruth Reichl
I will be interested to know how your souffle turns out--it uses some of my favorite veggies! If I were making it and looking to save time, I might do one of two things: 1) Trader Joes sells a very good eggplant 'hummus' that is just bab ganoush and I'd use that instead of bothering with the eggplant step. 2) Similarly, Dave's Gourmet sells a stellar red heirloom tomato sauce if I wanted the souffle but was constrained on time. There are red pepper sauces I've also enjoyed, but his tomato sauce is as good as my from-scratch tomato. There was a time when spending extra time in the kitchen was my preference, but I no longer feel the same especially when the weather is nice and I can walk happily outside!:)
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2015 on A Fine Souffle at Ruth Reichl
Thank you for sharing these historical tidbits! It is curious to me that both the Cherry Soup and the Fish recipes don't include salt. Nowadays, salt is de rigeur for ALL dishes, including desserts, of course and assumed to be critical for maximum flavor.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2015 on Meet the Frog Man of Florida at Ruth Reichl
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