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Richart Ruddie
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Internet entrepreneur - Born in Baltimore
Interests: Philanthropy, humanitarian work, technology, entrepreneurship, traveling.
Recent Activity
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I've found a few good bug bounties and understand the importance and a depth of knowledge concerning Cyber Security but wouldn't quite say I'm am expert by any means especially compared to some of my Defcon friends. None the less thank you Bulgaria: Continue reading
It's actually not Florida Man this time when a Vietnamese man called 911 over 1,100 times in one month. One of the calls he asked for egg rolls. We hope the Tennessee man gets the help that he needs. Story: Florida Man stories from last year: Continue reading
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Wall Drug's free water teaches great business lessons almost 100 years later that translate to the internet. Continue reading
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Crazy to read and think that Hawaii could lose internet connectivity... Two of the three cables that Hawaii relies on to keep data flowing are nearing the end of their useful lives and are in desperate need of repair but recent global and civil matters are causing a disruption in the repair. The third is newer, but its ownership is tied up in a bankruptcy proceeding. 2 of the cables are 25 years old and one failed twice (requiring repair) in recent years. Facebook and Google, who have been laying the more modern undersea cables, bypassed Hawaii. The state's Internet access has been strained by lockdowns, telehealth, business scandals, and ageing technology. Continue reading
Christian Cooper should be revealed as a super hero. Continue reading
Art donation by Richart Ruddie to benefit a New York school during COVID-19. Continue reading
While Vincent Van Gosh was rising in the art scene and was being touted as one of the top up and coming artists his top sale price in his lifetime was only $2,000. His brother was Theo who had died only 6 months apart from him and Theo's wife Jo Van Gogh was a big proponent of promoting her brother in laws work. So when they were both gone she was there to promote in the media and to museums to grow his name and helped to excel him to what he is today. Watch this video explainer here: Continue reading
New popular terms that exploded in 2020 have been Coronavirus, covid-19, social gathering, social distancing, quarantining, and now EBIDTAC. This stands for Earning Before Interest Depreciation, Taxes, Amortization, and now Coronavirus. As of now there is no data in Google trends about EBIDITAC being a growing term that searchers are using but expect to hear it next earnings season. Continue reading