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Richart Ruddie
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Internet entrepreneur - Born in Baltimore
Interests: Philanthropy, humanitarian work, technology, entrepreneurship, traveling.
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Christian Cooper should be revealed as a super hero. Continue reading
Art donation by Richart Ruddie to benefit a New York school during COVID-19. Continue reading
While Vincent Van Gosh was rising in the art scene and was being touted as one of the top up and coming artists his top sale price in his lifetime was only $2,000. His brother was Theo who had died only 6 months apart from him and Theo's wife Jo Van Gogh was a big proponent of promoting her brother in laws work. So when they were both gone she was there to promote in the media and to museums to grow his name and helped to excel him to what he is today. Watch this video explainer here: Continue reading
New popular terms that exploded in 2020 have been Coronavirus, covid-19, social gathering, social distancing, quarantining, and now EBIDTAC. This stands for Earning Before Interest Depreciation, Taxes, Amortization, and now Coronavirus. As of now there is no data in Google trends about EBIDITAC being a growing term that searchers are using but expect to hear it next earnings season. Continue reading
Just saw a blast from the past the 1st iPhone Application I co-developed with Marc Levinson called Spinners. Watching the video below I'm still impressed 9+ years later. Spinners iPhone App from Marc Levinson on Vimeo. Continue reading
QOTD: Never, never complain about your enemies. Only losers complain. Drive them to complain about you. Courtesy of the Black Swan Promoter on Twitter. Continue reading
Richart Ruddie goes over the Artsy article on spotting fakes in the art market. Continue reading
With an opening photo at the Blackjack Table in Lake Tahoe during a direct sales conference. The risk taker and connected entrepreneur Richart Ruddie sits among a diverse crowd of business men and woman in December 2019 right before the outbreak of COVID-19. While the landscape of business has changed for many including a delay of building out another office and operation in Los Angeles, California expanding from just Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Salt Lake City, Utah. The piece discusses challenges in business that include raising venture capital or finding a steady growth pace and learning to be content. There are a lot of other great quotes for an aspiring entrepreneur as Ruddie came from being dead broke 10 years ago to being able to retire now if he wanted to. Read more on the Voyage LA piece on Richart Ruddie and some of the other great pieces where they cover idea makers in and around the Los Angeles area. Also I helped pet sit for a sick goat that we lost last week so please send your thoughts and love to the baby goat that we lost during this pandemic amongst the thousands of others who fell ill and have passed. Continue reading
Reading this piece reminded me of the joy I got from reading Peter Thiel's 0 to 1. Breaking down each paragraph with my thoughts and opinions: "Every Western institution was unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic, despite many prior warnings. This monumental failure of institutional effectiveness will reverberate for the rest of the decade, but it’s not too early to ask why, and what we need to do about it." Failure in many senses but hindsight is 20/20. We've had scares and deadly virus's that were contained and never crossed the ocean to America. "Many of us would like to pin the cause on one political party or another, on one government or another. But the harsh reality is that it all failed — no Western country, or state, or city was prepared — and despite hard work and often extraordinary sacrifice by many people within these institutions. So the problem runs deeper than your favorite political opponent or your home nation." Now isn't the time to get political but rather the time to work together and put our differences beside us globally and work together on solutions. Dr. Fauci while doing a great job in many peoples opinions has been at this for 30 years. So blaming conservatives but not looking big picture is not fair in my opinion but then again politics is not fair at all. "Part of the problem is clearly foresight, a failure of imagination. But the other part of the problem is what we didn’t *do* in advance, and what we’re failing to do now. And that is a failure of action, and specifically our widespread inability to *build*." Failure to this point on so many levels. Whether its not building enough hospital beds, gowns, ventilators, face masks, or testing kits but given the economic damage this has done it is unlikely something like this will catch us as well as the rest of the world so "off guard" "We see this today with the things we urgently need but don’t have. We don’t have enough coronavirus tests, or test materials — including, amazingly, cotton swabs and common reagents. We don’t have enough ventilators, negative pressure rooms, and ICU beds. And we don’t have enough surgical masks, eye shields, and medical gowns — as I write this, New York City has put out a desperate call for rain ponchos to be used as medical gowns. Rain ponchos! In 2020! In America!" Stunning to hear and if the Rain Ponchos became a national news story that would help our manufacturing cause tremendously. "We also don’t have therapies or a vaccine — despite, again, years of advance warning about bat-borne coronaviruses. Our scientists will hopefully invent therapies and a vaccine, but then we may not have the manufacturing factories required to scale their production. And even then, we’ll see if we can deploy therapies or a vaccine fast enough to matter — it took scientists 5 years to get regulatory testing approval for the new Ebola vaccine... Continue reading
Art collection of entrepreneur Richart Ruddie starts to make its way to the internet. Continue reading
This app reminds me of using for the first time back in 2013. Now the guttenberg editor is common place. Playing around with the Notion note taking space: Continue reading
Richart Ruddie added a favorite at Green Car Congress
Apr 4, 2020
Richart Ruddie added a favorite at Green Car Congress
Apr 4, 2020
Richart Ruddie added a favorite at Green Car Congress
Apr 4, 2020
The Alison Wright Story. A must watch. Also she reminded me about working with NGO's for a future project I have an idea on. Continue reading
Just learned via Reddit about how Charlie Chaplin learned his techniques used in his films from a painter who had no hearing named Granville Redmond. Today you can buy Granville Redmonds paintings and Charlie Chaplin gave Redmond a studio on the movie lot, collected his paintings, and sponsored him in silent roles. Continue reading
Instead of going through investing in startups from a philisophical standpoint famed investor and excellent blogger Sam Altman has shared his viewpoints from the investor side as opposed to all the content that focuses on the startup side trying to raise capital. There are so many great points on Altmans blog and in this post particularly with the biggest piece of advice IMO is not only tell the startup how you can help but show a genuine interest and ability to help. Often times a smart founder will take an offer that isn't as financially appealing on paper to get the help of an investor who can truly make a much bigger impact than one who just writes a check. When we launched and were growing Protos Eyewear we had emails daily from all sorts of investors and partners but ultimately the most important end game contact came from Luxxottica the owner of Sunglass Hut, Ray Ban, Oakley, and just about every other major eyewear brand. Read for yourself at: Continue reading
The Japanese have a sense of being and purpose. The Japanese word is "Ikagi". If you've ever been to Japan then you know that the Japanese have a sense of perfection and it's one of their keys to longevity in life. Continue reading
Do you have a review or story bout Pace Latin one of the greatest online marketers in our circles? Pace when you see this reach out please. Continue reading
Welcome to 2020. As each day goes forward this becomes more so the case than it is today. December 31st 1949 is closer to 1985 babies and the weirdest thing about kids today: most of them will live to see the 2100s. Time is a weird thing when you think deeply about it. Continue reading