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Paul you emailed me to explain that you made this decision before Jeremy Corbyn was added to the candidate list. In view of that it would not be dishonourable to change your position. Your post here is not up to your usual level of insight. Over all you are saying that Kendall is a likable colleague. You say nothing of her policies which are extremely unpopular because they are the closest to the Tories. To me her class background is of little interest. What matters is what she will do. QUOTE She has intellectual depth, an enviable aplomb in dealing with the media and is powerfully combative in the political fray. After a month as candidate she's a flop when she deals with media or public questions. She dodges, or panics. QUOTE Liz is not burdened by damaging baggage from past roles and she is not tainted by previous Labour Party divisions. She a Blairite! the most contaminated faction of all. QUOTE On a personal level I admire her natural friendliness and kindness. Nice for you as a colleague but personal friendliness doesn't translate into strength against austerity which is wrecking millions of lives. QUOTE As our Leader she will rapidly endear herself to all individuals and groups in our movement. As Blairite she is antagonising all except her own (small) faction. Please rethink Paul. This does not reflect well on you. Corbyn is bringing back the traditional support to Labour which Blair dumped so recklessly. Corbyn is also bringing in huge numbers of new people who have never been active politically before. He's doubled Labout membership in only a month. The hope and enthusiasm at his meetings is enormous, not seen since the 70s. But most of all he has a real economic plan which the others don't, an alternative to austerity. The Tories are terrified of him, hence the avalanche of smears and silly attacks. Corbyn will renew the only solution to a huge national deficit which worked in the past (in the postwar government): investment. You hadn't seen that when you posted here about Kendall.
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Aug 12, 2015