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Hi Mike, quick question. I think I remember you mentioned previously that the Directory had set up the constitution so that 2/3rds of members of the House of Commons had to be from the National Convention. That the point of this was to stop conservatives getting too much power and unwinding the whole revolution. I might be way off. So how did the Royalists keep getting the non-juring priest bills passed (Twice I think, the second time was even passed by the House of Ancients!)? I would have though the 2/3rds of National Convention members would have blocked this. Since this was a big factor in triggering the coup by the Directory, how did their original plan go so wrong? Anyway, thanks for this great series. I have been a long-time listener joining you about episode 20 of History of ROme (which I have listed through three separate times). You have helped me out during some difficult times, taking me to another place and time when I needed it most. Thank you so much. Mark Wallace
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Aug 17, 2015