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Allison Matz
Interests: Baseball, French, Cooking, Travel, Gingerbread
Recent Activity
I have been in France for a little over 180 days and only have about 100 days left now and I thought I should share some of the biggest things I have learned and discovered while I have been here on exchange about myself and about life. More or less... Continue reading
It is currently February holidays here in Lorraine so for the past week and a half I have been enjoying days free of seeing the time 6 am on clocks and the constant thinking that school requires. I also had a wonderful idea about a week before the holidays to... Continue reading
I came to the striking realization today that I am half way finished studying abroad. The honest truth is studying abroad is always difficult, most definitely some days more than others. Some days studying abroad is frustrating, and sometimes I get homesick, or sad, or desperately want to scream as... Continue reading
It sees like in only a blink of an eye December has come and gone, and as of today the holiday season has come to a close. While I am sitting here I can't help but think back to where I was today last year and how drastically things can... Continue reading
Happy Thanksgiving is a short phrase, just two words, 17 letters, and yet it brings up so many memories and emotions. For the first time in my life I am spending Thanksgiving away from my family. While I will not deny felling extremely homesick today I find that spending today... Continue reading
When we were kids late nights at sleepovers we used to tell each other scary stories about Friday the 13th. The 13th was said to bring bad luck and the boogey man and a variety of other creepy monsters that scare most 9 year olds, but Friday night on the... Continue reading
Today was the first day back a school after a much needed two week vacation, and even after those two weeks of relaxing, having 10 hours of school killed me. Still once I had gotten back to the house I allowed myself to indulge in a nice cup of coffee... Continue reading
It has been awhile since I have written a blog and I am trying to find a good way to sum up the last bit of my time here in France. I guess there isn't really a one word answer on how I am doing except for maybe "Learning". I... Continue reading
Everyone knows that stereotypes are a fact of life especially when you are in high school and sometimes it feels like the most important thing is what other people think of you. And while at some point we realize that this is not the case, it doesn't mean that we... Continue reading
I have been living with my host family for a little over 2 weeks now and have begun to adjust to french life. I am enjoying living with my host family and it is starting to feel like home. I can finally find everything in the kitchen, and have a... Continue reading
I knew my first day of school would feel like getting hit by a bus, but about halfway through my first day I realized something. I have never been hit by a bus, so even if I know I am going to be hit with a metaphorical bus, I still... Continue reading
There is a quote that says "An exchange is not a year in a life but a life in a year". Just from my past week at orientation I know that this is true. I can't believe it was only a week ago that I got on a plane from... Continue reading
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Aug 20, 2015