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Sheila L
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Merry Christmas Keli! Can't wait to see how your model and the cases turn out. Guthrie is awesome looking. He and Freddie can enjoy the library together while you work. Poor Ester. At least she has a box to play with. That's always fun.
I would never guess looking at it that you were having problems with chrome/metallic paint. It looks wonderful. The white and blue balance perfectly. Now I'm jealous. I'm working on lights and a stairwell today and all I seem to have accomplished is to cover myself with glue.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2015 on kitchen is done at iseecerulean
I like how it looks though it is a lot of white. You're right that accessories will take some of the edge off. And you could always put a piece of scrapbook paper in a funky color or wood tone over the breakfast bar. See if you like how it looks before you do anything permanent.
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Aug 24, 2015