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Lots of wisdom in this post, Julie. Good thinking! You are doing so great with so many things to tend to. Keep doing what you're doing and believe me, things will get unpacked; I've been there! Keep listening to your body and rest when you need. Sending love! P.S. my kids live in Watertown & Cambridge! My husband & I just visited at the end of August 😊 I love that area.
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Congratulations Julie! I think it's fantastic!! I love the arrangement you decided on for the front, so appealing. And the background fabric is cool! I am slowly working on my first quilt for my son and his wife, a patchwork of old cotton button down shirts we cut up together to recycle. It's looking great although only 4 rows! I'm inspired to get back to it now... 🤸
Julie, I want to thank you for sharing some of your recent project life scrapbooking. I remember this project from way back when I first found your blog in 2011 or so. Your relaxed approach is so refreshing and inspiring! You have me thinking about scrapbooking in this fashion now as that approach really appeals. Even though this project is just for you, I really smiled when I read the name of the hospital where you had a blood test for your pregnancy! I was BORN there in 1957, although I think it was called Boston Lying-in then?? Anyway, what lovely journal scrapbooking and I'm sending the best, best wishes for the birth of your baby boy!
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2019 on Project Life Update at Balzer Designs
Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Julie. Very helpful to help me remember to take care of me, so my art will grow as I shine, instead of feeling like it's not professional enough!♥️ So glad you are taking time to breathe, walk, relax and take care of you. You were the first person to introduce me to art journaling way back in 2011. Wow!! I work in journals so often now in 2019 and also in the years in-between. With gratitude, lenna
I watched the product video and the review by baylee jae but don't think it's something I would use . . .
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2019 on Do You Think This Works? at Balzer Designs
I really like the richness of the Ranger spray inks too, a lovely contrast. Shows how revealing "testing" can be. Now you really have me thinking about stamping and overdying!
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2019 on Overdying My Printed Fabric at Balzer Designs
This had me smiling Julie . . . it's almost like 6 degrees of separation! When I took class with JoAnn here in Florida, she brought these same gorgeous leaves and the squiggly Spanish moss for us to try. They make fantastic prints! I love what you did with them.
I think I would leave it as is, it's beautiful! But if after you printed the white line bothered you, perhaps you could touch it up with matching ink or paint? Use a brush, sponge, Q-tip or whatever tool would work, maybe even a marker, to soften the noticable white line. ;0) lenna
Love your project and your art squares look very intriguing! Thank you for sharing.
great ideas, thank you! I want to try the plastic bag/monoprint :)
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Aug 27, 2015