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I specifically said I would not watch Blake or anyone who feels the need to let us know how not gay they are. I didn't say andrew and all gay people would not watch. I also never said all gay people think the way I do. You're reading that into what I wrote. There are, however, several people who have replied here who are turned off by the things I identified and on other gay boards many people share my point of view, which means my view is not an isolated one but is shared by many gay people. And I stand by my point that the phrase "gay for pay" needs to be retired. If you love it, have at it.
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Just FYI, I found this because it's being posted on gay boards all over the net. And as I said above, he's not "gay" for pay. You can be paid to "be gay." It's a tiresome phrase that needs to be retired.
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Whether you post again or not, here's what you don't seem to understand, since you're not gay. Straight people for years have had everything from romantic films to porn where the performances work if the actors have chemistry, which they don't undermine by releasing press statements saying that they're not attracted to the person they were with on screen. Do straight people think it's real? Of course not. It's escapist fantasy, even for just a moment. But because they're presumed straight, none of us go into those films with this thought hanging over our heads while we're watching them that they're no possibility EVER of them having chemistry. So when you post things like you're not attracted to any man sexually (just as a dick), that's what I'll think of now when you're "performing". Gay people have not only have to put up with actors/performers who say they're not attracted to the person they're with in a gay film, but we have to put up with them issuing statements saying they are not attracted to anyone of the same sex. Just so we all know that they don't swing that way. As if it's unthinkable. And then we have to watch them perform with that in our minds. That's why it's offensive. As for whether Sean Cody is just G4P, here's another education for you. The phrase "gay 4 pay" is offensive. First of all, because being gay is not about having sex, much less something you can be paid to be. You're not "gay" for pay. You're a porn performer being paid to have sex. And you even seem to think the label bisexual fits you when most bisexuals I know are actually attracted to men and women. But because of people like you, G4P is what Sean Cody has become. And the one thing that has made SC and CF and other sites popular is that we're all allowed to have our fantasies. Would you find it entertaining to just see sex where the primary thought on your mind is "Those guys aren't really attracted to each other at all? Look at what he's doing for money." I doubt it.
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Sir, you said you "don't find the male physique attractive in a sexual manner" and that you don't see "what is gay about enjoying the physical sensation of having your prostate and kegal muscles stimulated" and you "don't think that it is fair to say that only gay guys can enjoy that amazing part of the male anatomy". That's not even mentioning discussing your girlfriend, etc. How many more ways could you possibly let us know you're not gay? Look, I have all the respect in world for bisexuals being part of the LGBT community. And I wouldn't say that men having sex is just "gay sex" (rather than same-gender sex) if that makes bisexuals, etc. feel excluded. But gay porn is marketed primarily to gay men. It's largely meant for our fantasies. You're entitled to go public and share all this information about yourself, but now if I watch one of your films (which I will not) I'll be thinking "he's not really attracted to the male physique" (i.e., the guy he's kissing and fucking) and he thinks we as gay men don't have a monopoly on this or that, etc. So now that's part of your porn persona. And it's a turn off. It was much hotter when we thought otherwise. You've chosen to pull back the curtain on the performance. And just like actors who play gay and then do interviews about how not gay they are, it's bordering on the offensive.
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I can't watch your films anymore. So tired of gay porn being marketed to gay men with guys who talk about "liking dick" on and off camera and then have to go public about how not gay they are. Really disappointing.
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Aug 27, 2015