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Riley Kennedy
Managing Editor for a peer-reviewed journal
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I am wondering about table placement when a journal embeds tables into the text approximately where they are mentioned. To avoid splitting a table, I need to move it to either before the text where it is mentioned (directly beneath the Level 1 heading) or in the next section. 1. Can you place a table directly under a Level 1 heading? 2. Can you move a table to a different section (by section, I mean it would be under a different Level 1 heading)? Thank you for your help!
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2015 on Table Tips at APA Style 6th Edition Blog
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Hi Timothy, I'm not sure if you are still answering questions from this post, but I need some clarification about lists. If the sentence preceding and introducing your list is a complete sentence, how do you know whether it should be punctuated with a period or a colon? I am also confused about capitalization of list items. Obviously, if list items are complete sentences, they would be capitalized and if they are embedded (as in your 2nd and 3rd list examples), they would not be capitalized. But what about lists that are preceded by a full sentence but do not contain full sentences for the bullets themselves? Further, is capitalization in this instance different for an introductory sentence punctuated with a period than one punctuated with a colon? Thank you for your help! I read your posts all the time to help with editing for my journal. :)
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Sep 8, 2015