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Great thought Will. I think that could definitely work, as it provide long term incentive as well promote an increased sense of ownership for the space.
This is a great conversation and I am glad my friend told me about this link. It would be interesting to see how the construction would take place, as there definitely is an unusual sloping of the land. Easy enough to overcome I suppose, but here is the real challenge for me: affordable housing must be a reality for downtown to Durham as part of being a city committed to ALL of its' residents, not just an elite section of the population. Restaurant employees, bus drivers, and other service workers make the city, particularly downtown, HAPPEN. We cannot ignore that nor deny it, and doing so must provide an opportunity for those at that current situation in life the opportunity to take part in enjoying what downtown has to offer within close proximity. With that said, I wonder what stipulations and regulations would be in place to ensure the viability of the property and the investment? In the transcript, Mayor Bell mentioned Cabrini Green and in my opinion that is a valid point. However, we must remember that that situation didn't start out like that overnight, there was a gradual decline. What would be a good way to put policies in place to ensure the properties stays safe and vibrant if affordable housing became a reality in the space? I have some ideas, but wanted to hear from some other folks.
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Sep 11, 2015