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Planet earth hiding in you mamas bedroom at night waiting to be summoned like her Jesus vibrator.
Satire that gives no fcks.
Interests: Creative writing. Satire. Comedy.
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That teenage human mattress looks she has senior citizen stiffness in her twerk moves.
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2015 on Twerk Team: Mauricelia Amanda at
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Fck whiney darkies and there hefty bitch sidekicks: I just finished reading the buzzfeed psuedo psa puff piece, and the saddest thing about this bread and circus sideshow is the liberals and militant liberals (aka pro-black shines) are quick to refer any "stereotypical" observation to racism, but it's not "racism" which is defined when one group of people think of their group as superior to all others. Simply open a nightclub of you're own (take up collections) and let in all but of course those activist checks come late and only go but so far in regards to consumer spending. These middleclass liberal pro-black shines(same as Americans) even in London are stuck in the sixties.
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That gunshot sent that foolish finger pointing nicca back a few feet, but this was not racist according to the definition of the word racist. We all know (except for the pseudo social justice racist bigots),Mcleod was shot acting a fool for that narcotic cough syrup he was strung out on and tried to get "illegally" at a local pharmacy.
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I'd rather stick my half dead peen into a about to be barbecued pigs ass as a college initiation ritual, then be a nicca branding myself with a metal clothes hanger like in black fraternities. Talk about a strange slavery fetish going on there.
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If they cancel the show (because protesting middle class libtards) or reboot it, please do not add another light skinned nicca to host, how about a Asian Mexican?
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Sep 21, 2015