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Huzzah. Their reinventions of themselves also Watson from brutal political thug or Cooper from the stone faced demander that May do something more about Immigrants to crying over unaccompanied minors. To whining at Hospital car park charging or some other financialised nonsense that was their policy. In US someone printed an article on the awful ICE camps and of course all the centrists liked and said how appalled they were and the writer pointed out it was from 2016. Get out graphs of worker share of cake or minority wealth without years and try and select the 'progressive' Govts terms.
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2019 on Centrists' failure at Stumbling and Mumbling
Wow you demolished the only thing (+ve) I would give the amoral LLG credit for. Is it fair to say though Labour imposed a form of austerity (surpluses - low deficits) from 97-01 for no reason? [harsher view until Brown expected to be in charge] Also use of PFI was a hostage to fortune? [harsher view paid when Brown was gone] In 2010 the 3 manifestos were all but the same - all 3 within 8bn (?) rounding error. Coalition relaxed its plans. Labour kept Balls out of shadow chancellor who had proposed spending in his leader campaign for leader. A placeholder Johnson was put in place initially. Labour 2015 still did not break the narrative that countries are like people who are going to grow old and get lower incomes and the deficit mattered far more than it does. Most Labour MPs are not MMT they are all for treating money like it's a Gold Standard still. Other than war torture rendition et al all backed by whole cabinet Blair is incidental economically. Corbyn is attacking the wrong killer B.
When Concorde crashed and there had been 30 similar incidents in 25 years or so. Experts said oh no perfectly safe just bad luck. Their's was the cognitive bias that an outlier like Concorde and their professions integrity would not make such a deadly mistake. IMO BrExit analysis seems a similar case falling back on Classical economics & non analogous case studies. Certainly neo Classical 'conomists should head to Port Talbot and explain these workers are now freed to do what they have a comparative advantage in. "Who's Ricardo" likely one of the nicer responses. As to Productivity loss it's almost funny to bring that up at a time like this.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2016 on Rational consumers at Stumbling and Mumbling
Reads like a critique of hedge-fund owned business. XXX trying to turn XXXXXX Airways into a label not an airline that employs people other than by contract - with high fares. Great idea till planes start dropping from the sky or no one's computer systems hook up and no one admits error.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2016 on On obliquity neglect at Stumbling and Mumbling
It does seem more a triumph of rhetoric over reason and nuance rather than a rounded philosophy as enacted in the Political sphere (hasn't economics as policy always been so?). Some jottings:- 1) Somewhere it has developed a legal/illegal rhetoric as though a legal line determines right and wrong and is a canyon divide not a line in a spectrum. I think as we see in the terrorism rhetoric this is to sanction the State power - telling us what to do. 2) Osborne seems intent on state control even if he plays the small state to Conservative Kool Aid drinkers - each week he finds someone else to subsidise/tax break. Indeed but for more extreme cuts he's hard to distinguish from the majority of Labour's PLP who supported him so enthusiastically last year after lampooning Lib Dems for far less. Common idiocy includes:PFI: Academies:Creating monolithic private suppliers of public goods/services:surveillance:wars. It's power without accountability? Who do you complain to when some outsourced asset stripper messes up? 3) All major political parties Lib Lab Con Kip SNP clearly have no actual belief in market economics (or just think they do) and throw subsidy at anyone except the poor - pensioners farmers bankers oil large corps Virgin Trains etc. Cons spongers strivers rhetoric would appear to miss the point of their support, the election win was down mostly to pensioners & rural types or welfare receivers as my HMRC explainer calls them. 4) Topped off by an absurd subservience to wealth whether it's Hammond grovelling before the Sauds or Osborne debasing himself before the Chinese or Mandelson sniveling around oligarchs. Worst part is the demonising of working age poor and the effects this will have long term. That is probably more anthropology and ego than any theory.
What does conventional economics say? That the workers will use some comparative advantage and move to another industry? I honestly think anyone who espouses that should go along to a meeting in the town and explain it. They need expert reassurance at this time that it's OK. #sarcasm #skepticism
This tends to make me even more angry at what happened in '08. Thus for trivial sums in reality the rest of populace are fleeced and impoverished in some cases for what? A few bonuses for a few? All that QE and ZIRP for relative chump change! "Put it this way. In the 2008 financial crisis, the US’s biggest financial institutions lost between them less than $150bn. But during the tech crash of 2000-03 investors in US stocks lost over $5 trillion."
It's even funnier largely from a wing of the Labour party who just got their **** handed to them 2 straight elections and whose candidates has absolutely nothing to offer and on Austerity had policies to the right of where Osborne ended up after the laughably 'independent' OBR found a few 10s Bns to subsidise more friends. I wish Labour could put up a genuine Social Democrat or even someone on right who was at least not a kleptocrat nor neo Liberal (if you say whatever that means please use Google). It can't? I thus hope the clown show gets its act together. This Govt is eminently opposable.
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2016 on "Unelectable" at Stumbling and Mumbling
Far too nice on BBC. BBC bias is mostly as you imply benign establishment [my words]. However take Snowden revelations the BBC would have Greenwald on but to discuss the legality of Edward Snowden's position not the matter at hand or one he would be an authority on either. Caroline Lucas is asked a load of stupid questions when bringing up opposition to fracking such as legality of some protests again not something she would be expert on. Take their former champion Paxman who would ram polls down people on the fringes throats [call to authority arguments back hardly unbiased investigation] or in Conrad Black's case his wife's alleged character! (Yes I have not watched their news for a couple of years now but I still pay for it) Regardless whether state media should be funded on a regressive tax is the question. At least now as I understand it they cannot jail 1000s of poor people anymore. It does seem ridiculous to tax people to fund commercial projects like Eastenders, Radio 1 & soporific [my view] drama.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2016 on Not connecting at Stumbling and Mumbling
The hilarious conceit of Hunt and Amis is I assume they are in the top 1% which brings to mind the Dunning-Kruger cognitive bias. Nonetheless Labour's anti-thought anti-intellectualism rhetoric as policy over 20+ years now has been found out but they do not see it. Only last week Labour wanted to be against corporate welfare and pro a bailout of steelworks. They really need to drop the short term random contradictory need to show their morality. They need thought out positions the public can understand.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2015 on Intellect in politics at Stumbling and Mumbling
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