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I feel like his just hates learning. He rather live his life accordingly, day by day that is. HE doesn't fully bash college and its experience because he do take heat to the fact that it is essential in the work world. But he also, complains greatly about possibly having what he calls and I quote "bad teachers". Bad teachers are ones who, simply cannot teach the lesson properly that students can grasp an understanding. He also, says that some classes are a "waste" and if you are a didactic leaner you can teach yourself, just as he does. Another thing he complains about is the overall experience. I feel like he didn't give his self enough time in college to even make all of these complaints. He did too much comparing between what he actually does, what college is really like and what he assume college to be like. I also, disagree with Justin Gorton because I do believe we still live in the American Dream because we all still have this equal opportunity to go to college and succeed. We have to have faith that college is where we belong and will succeed in order to make it into a really. We cannot simply believe someone else's experience or assumptions of college are true because everyone's experience is different. Though, I do agree with EKATEPUHA. I do believe that he made such a simple decision very complex. He was so stuck on the fact that may people without college degrees were successful that it made him kind question if he had to get a degree himself. But after hearing opinions from other adults, telling him an education will further him in life, he kind of hindered his beliefs of college and then had some faith in it.He even said that going to studying something in college would give you "intellectual growth" nobody can take that away from you. You will always have that knowledge whether you succeed or not.
I also, agree with Rachel K. and Kaley Weldon. In Rachel's argument I do believe that the downplaying of water which makes up more than half of our bodies is a poor choice. I also, believe that they are just trying to brain wash us to believe that they have healthier chemicals in their drinks, which in fact they do not.And Kaley, stated that in her blog when she said, " it is filled with many chemicals that are not beneficial". This implies that if people actually are persuaded to believe this company they will be very unhealthy.
No, I would not accept nutrition advice from Coca Cola. How could they possibly give us nutrition advice if they are producing unhealthy products themselves. It wouldn't make any sense to believe that they know anything about nutrition because if they did, their products would be healthier for us.
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Sep 23, 2015