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Hello! Thanks for this fabulous resource and information. I have been a student for two years and one very strict teacher that through his unending critique and insistence for proper APA helped citing etc., has made APA style as second nature as typing. However this semester I have a teacher that pointed out that when citing this article,, for the date I should include (1999, July-August). I only put 1999. I've read through the questions and answers here on this blog and I am now unsure exactly when more than the year is needed. Did I need include July-August in the reference? I had a former professor deduct points for something he or she thought was wrong that ended up actually being correct. As a result, I like to be 100% sure that when using APA I am using and learning it correctly. Also, for my homework this week (and for future work) I am citing this website,, I only see the updated date at the bottom. To properly cite this, should my reference be: (n.d.) Chapter 1: Doing business in Israel. Retrieved from Again, thank you for your dedication to helping others learn and understand APA.
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Sep 24, 2015