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Abhay Joshi
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Sep 23, 2016
Hello Balaji, I am trying to create the associative dimension in paper space same as example. As per your sample code, it works well for top viewport with scale 1:1. But creates issues for dimensions in isometric views with scale other than 1:1. Before creating AcDbDimAssoc object. I override DIMLFAC for dimension by using setDimlfac(). Which include scale (1.22 * 10). It dimension showed correct value after creating it. But after I changed view scale manually, the value is no longer correct. After checking difference between manual and programmatic dimension in ArxDbg, I found XDATA for ACAD_DIMASSOC_CALC_DIMLFAC, ACAD_DIMASSOC_DIMLFAC and ACAD_DIMASSOC_OVERRIDDEN_DIMLFAC in manual dimensions. After googling I found link for DIMLFAC XDATA. I mentioned to set XDATA for these applications. In code after creating AcDbDimAssoc I set XDATA to dimension for ACAD_DIMASSOC_OVERRIDDEN_DIMLFAC with lfac*viewscale and ACAD_DIMASSOC_CALC_DIMLFAC with viewscale. Then dimension worked fine for all manual operations (changing viewscale, modification in line). Is it safe to set XDATA for DIMLFAC?
Hello, I have reverse situation, I need to draw Filled area in hide mode. Currently I am using mesh. Can you suggest some way to do that? Abhay
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Sep 29, 2015