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Peter Ingraham
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Belated, but... the creepy Parshmen plotline sounds like some of Sanderson's brand of fantasy Mormonism to me. (Disclaimer: I haven't read Way of Kings nor Words of Radiance and am not a Mormon.) Book 3 of Mistborn, The Hero of Ages, is also shot through with some Mormonism-translated-to-fantasy bits from my reading of it. Anyway, as a reminder, in early Mormonism it was considered that black people were cursed by God (and also sometimes identified with the Bad Jews = Indians??), but later on they mellowed out about this. But unlike most religions which like to pretend that they ALWAYS had the right idea and people were just mistaken about the true nature of the religion before, Mormonism has gone with a continual revelation idea, so when Joseph Smith was writing the blacks really *were* cursed and couldn't join the priesthood (=normal member, pretty much), but then they got better and God fully dispelled the curse in the 1970s. So... I would fully expect that a plot point will be doing some mystic de-cursing so that the Parshmen or whatever aren't all cursed/bad anymore, then they'll help the good guys face the Real Threat. This is still kinda creepy and uncomfortable, but is better than the uncomfortable alternative of "yes, these are people who really are better dead than alive, the moral thing to do is kill them before they can summon Satan."
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Oct 4, 2015