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Central PA USA
Technology Innovator
Interests: Energy
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The Key here is not selling a product but, producing the product. Since you have only so much Biomass on the planet at any one time accumulating more of it is quite impossible. There is an exemption where by you take a waste stream and convert the emissions of power plants directly into the biomass you are going to need for your proposed sales. This evolution is called Algae procurement through production in a very large scale. But, if you are from ExxonMobil then you know growing algae in a raceway pond is not the solution.
There is technology readily available to address additional fuel savings but if they did not build the equipment I see they have not included anyone else's products. So sad, that this is not something that could include an additional 15% increase in fuel mileage if only taken into effect.
What ever happened to the interest in Protean Their website links tell us they went to the chinese for investment.
Honestly I will fill out the form supplied by the DOE and express an avenue no one seems willing to delve into. Why not use the High Energy Hydrogen in charged particles as the source of the Direct Energy Conversion(DEC) capabilities that Fusion Designers are using? In other words utilizing something called Helmholtz coils to convert Hydrogen in the 4th energy state directly to electricity? Stated in thesis's that the capability of this DEC can reach nearly 95% where FCEV are struggling to reach beyond the 45% efficient ratings.
SJC you are correct. To minimize the losses instead of using a fuel cell why isn't broad based acceptance of plasma delivered and Helmholtz received Direct Energy Conversion technologies being used?
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Oct 21, 2015