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This is a full court press to restart the process of piecemeal MENA destruction, same old policy, no change. Unreal,the heat level in the media is astonishing... even Fox. Trump may well feel trapped, don't know but it's extremely disheartening for a Foreign Policy Trump voter. Was worth a shot anyway I guess, and the Clintons got taken out so there's that. Why would VVP back down for Trump when he was willing to bring the BHO admin to the brink? I don't think he'll fold, it's clearly the same US/Borg Imperium it was before, same irrationality, same existential threat. I think VVP will show a very stiff spine, the only x-factor would be Xi's position, but he has put a lot of work into Russia relationship, don't think he'll just drop it, though NeoCons probably think otherwise. Someone above mentioned Trump Voter Mea Culpa's... I am prepared to be very disappointed, on the other hand, one really can't count this guy out until he's is CLEARLY down for the count. Sad really.
"both petulant and personal" Add to the bumbling Kremlinology aspect the fact that DJT, and probably Bannon as well, make a study of actively trolling and mis-directing the press. I don't believe a damned thing I read in the media about this administration; all is speculation even among the best analysts. Also I tend, for now, to caucus with those who believe there is a deeper game afoot which has yet to reveal itself clearly. Eighteen months will tell the tale. Just glad I am not watching HRC maneuver.
It continually amazes me how pols from both parties continue to underestimate DJT. The man pulled off a political upset the likes of which has not been seen for years, maybe never. The opposition to his candidacy was nothing short of high octane, full frontal poison squared. He handed the hostile GOP a gift wrapped miracle, and poured withering fire down on The Clinton Machine, reducing it to a gutted ruin. Have people forgotten the second debate? No one else in political life could have survived that onslaught, it should have been a guaranteed take-down. Now, they still repeat over and over, "oh Trump will do himself in... fracture the GOP etc etc. This guy is going to continue to befuddle everyone. He actually is going to do a good job, partly by coming to bare knuckle grips with the entrenched failure that is D.C. and dealing with it. In 8 years Pence will have learned enough to take the conservative renaissance forward. What I see mostly, is an electorate that wants real change, knows they need it, and are Scared To Death that it might actually be delivered. It's going to hurt at times (a lot), it's going to shock, it's going to rustle mad jimmies, but DJT will survive. He is a tough, tough fighter, and smart. Take it to the bank. BTW you could have had Trump at 100/1 in London ca. Oct 15.
As regards barrel bombs and other Syrian memes. Correspondents might be interested in this interview with Assad conducted by Swiss television. The interviewer is polite but his thrust is hostile. It is fascinating to watch, I think, as Assad patiently attempts to deconstruct the presenters' Borgist pre-conceptions and frankly unrealistic notions on the nature of State, leadership, and war. This interview is typical of many by western press which Assad has sat for over the long years of, from his point of view, siege. One day you are dining with the Kerrys, while your wife is featured on the cover of Vogue. The next you wake to find you have become a monster.
@LemonDrop - I have believed from almost the beginning of his pres. that Barack Obama would end his term as the most hated man in American life (just a feeling... that grifter vibe I guess). Still wondering if he is going to pull that off. @Turcopolier or anyone else... How was the plutonium in question being "disposed of" anyway? This is extremely valuable material. Dangerous as hell, but pound for pound probably the most valuable metal on the face of the earth. Just the way that got dropped into the mix from left field makes me curious. BTW, blog is great lately. I appreciate the amount of work which must go into it, and I am sure it must be frustrating at times. Just want you to know it is one of my most highly regarded - Thank You.
By the way... Watch what happens this week as the Barack Obama 'personal insult' comments sink in among black voters. We are seeing a surge of support for Trump in the black, urban demographic with the "Democrat Plantation' meme taking firm hold, and an appreciation for Trumps' 'straight talk' (what do you have to lose did, in fact,resonate). Obama just iced the cake by talking down to black voters and insisting that they vote as a racial block for Clinton as a duty to him personally. I predict that you will see this taking hold, and breaking out, in social media this week. Another tone deaf, Dem unforced error. Ballpark guess, right now Trumps' support among blacks is around 25% and skying. You won't be able to see this if you are getting your news from CNN (spend some time in Twitter and YouTube and you'll be able to watch it happening in real time.
You mean semiautomatic rifle, or modern sporting rifle, of course. Language control is thought control so let's be on our toes. ;~p Preserving one's rights as a citizen of a Republic means paying attention to that kind of detail now and again (every day in every little way). Not meant in any way to cast aspersions at you, Walrus. Just what your post made me think about. And, yes, it was very weird listening to BHO on National Propaganda Radio this afternoon.. and my, how they spun and gushed and worshiped. I almost couldn't do it, but I was curious. It was mercifully short anyway, and at least he didn't weep.
PL and PA, thank you both for this terrific, high quality blog post. I am looking forward to re-reading it and to returning to the comments as they fill up (one of the great effects of truly quality posts is that they inspire rich and information packed comments i.e. Vince's). Also, Patrick, although you suggest that the well informed should skip part one, I have never read quite such a clear and concise explanation of command structure any where else thus far. Thanks again. Best.
I was jarred when, during his last presser (Sukhoi shootdown), he referred to the Russian President as 'Putin', not 'The Russian President', or 'President Putin'. More irritating still, at the time he was saying that he had repeatedly warned 'Putin' about all the mistakes he has been making. As if, a not-so-bright individual, who apparently spent his youth as a drug addled rent boy, could credibly stand with, let alone "warn" Putin, Shoigu, and Lavrov. Yes, he knows nothing of war. He knows nothing of diplomacy. He knows nothing of law. He knows nothing of governing that most fractious of beasts - the Constitutional Republic; no subtlety or refinement of any kind does this individual possess. Great article by the way, puts it all in perspective, painful and embarrassing as it is to witness.
Amen to that. Alt media/citizen journalism + keyed in commenters is the way to go. Only way to find out what is really up, often days, even weeks ahead of mainstream on emerging situations. We all need to do what we can to safeguard this resource... it will be coming under increased pressure as this complex conflict heats up. I know everyone here has their congress cretins contact pages bookmarked right? It's a small thing but it does help. pay attention... :-)
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Oct 27, 2015