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St. Veit an der Glan, Austria
Retired American international businessman previously engaged in launching and developing markets in EMEA for US ICT startup manufacturers, most of which were storage-related.
Interests: Travel, degustation (within reason as the experience and tastes are more important than ratings), hiking (fortunately for me [see #1 interest]), reading (generally histories and economics/finance related), lurking on JOM (since 'Scooter' Libby travesty)
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Jim nj - It seems that the Trudeau-Freeland led Canadian delegation was more interested in actively promoting the European view on trade (and Trump)and overtly confronting Trump and his delgation. When commonsense suggested prudence and a more neutral position, Trudeau-Freeland decide to confront Trump and the US delegation. Pure insanity. By the way, Maria Bartiromo had aterrific interview with the past Canadian Prime Minmister, Stephen (?) Harper, on her latest Sunday show. The interview starts aaround 31:30. He states what should be the Canadian position.
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Hello Kevin - I enjoy all that you write and love lurking on JOM, but not to be picky here, Vine Deloria's estimate is on its face a gross over estimate. The population for all of North and Central America in 2016 was 530 million. Strudelat
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Whoops! Link works only for Rush 24 members. Sorry about that.
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This link should should contain the Steyn - Gomert interview
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To paraphrase Paul Ryan, because that is mot who republicans are! And further, republicans would NEVER, EVER read someone else's mail (or email, even!).
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RE: Read IT And Weep - You dissembling jerk. Because you did not, I will finish the dialogue between Senator Risch and Comey: Sen. Risch clarified: “You may have taken it as a direction but that’s not what he said.” Comey: “Correct…” Risch: “He said, ‘I hope.’ You don’t know of anyone that’s ever been charged for hoping something. Is that a fair statement?” Comey: “I don’t as I sit here.”
Angus King's reference to James Comey as a modern day Thomas Beckett is not valid. TB carried a lot of water for Henry II, fixing/resolving many vexing issues for the king prior to his appointment as the archbishop. He did not want the position, but once consecrated, he took his duties and responsibilities seriously - come what may. Once appointed to be the FBI Directror, Comey continued to carry water for the Clintons and other democrats.
RG: I always look forward to reading your posts and generally agree with you. Regarding Flynn, I, too, admire him. You may be right about his activities wrt Russia as being in the best interest of the USA and not done for personal aggrandizement. (I hope so.) Too me, however, his activites wrt Turkey are much more troublesome. Strudelat
Hallo GUS, I don't think the last emails are from Ignatz. They are most probably from the same troll that used JiB's login at 3:45. By the way, Trottl is Austrian dialect for a fool. Strudelat
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This is a link to Sayyid Qutb's experiences in Greeley and following activities: A bit long, but I believe well written and very interesting.
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