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Windy or Storm? See the short visit on replay if you use Internet Explorer as your browser starting around the 11:25:00 mark.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2019 on Checking In at Arconic Davenport Operations EagleCam
John, sorry but this is the best I could do. If you click on my name a larger version of my icon will appear that if you bring up on an IPad or similar handheld you can expand to a larger picture. Hopefully someone else will post a video or pictures.
I saw a change out earlier today and got a view of both eggs. Tonight before the cams turned to B&W there was a little discrepancy about who should take the night shift. One was nudged off the eggs, but didn’t go very far before returning to take over duties. I think it was Liberty.
Judy, if I did this right my icon shows a picture of what I think you're talking about. I didn't notice it before so thanks. I also have to say that Liberty seems to have her head feathers fluffed out a lot lately, which has been making her look different to me.
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2019 on Egg #2 at Arconic Davenport Operations EagleCam
RL, thanks for the time. I was able to see one on the donut standing behind the upright limb as it got light, then flew off toward the river. A few minutes later maybe the same one flew into the nest where you picked up. I'm enjoying the long replays. Carol, Davenport has such nice things to do. Chicago has a lot too, but the crowds keep me away from enjoying most of it.
Nice long replay today. Both were in around 6:30 nest time... moved a few sticks, dug a little before each flew off. Visit was about ten minutes long.
I just checked replay and saw 'the digger' fly in about 11:30 nest time and stay about 15 minutes. She found a morsel or two to eat. About an hour later the NV cam zoomed out to include the Overlook. Thanks, Mr. John. Rat, I figured things were bad by you when the cams went out. I also heard that Iowa got the worst of it, although Wisconsin seems to have gotten a lot of rainfall too. Chicago seemed to have caught the waves of the storm with slow periods in between. I know what you mean about the non-stop lightning & thunder. My one and only time at the Wisconsin Dells many years ago I spent the whole night awake with that type of a storm that I'll never forget.
RL, I went through NV replay and saw no sign of J or L.
Cams have reset now, but before that happened I saw one fly in and do a lot of digging. I think Lib is the digger and Justice the builder. Anyway, after the digging there was a 'wonky' branch that was causing some irritation so he/she worked it a bit more, but to no avail so they took a break and went to the Overlook. I lost my feed and also lost my place until I saw another fly in with a stick. Must have been the same one again because they went back to working on the 'wonky' branch and even jumped on one end like it was a teeter totter trying to free it up. It worked at that a bit and got it in a somewhat better place than it was, but I suspect this is not the end of the story...
Looks like the night cam is working, but I don’t see J or L at the nest. Rat, I’ve been wondering about them too. Hope they’re just busy enjoying the summer.
Yes, good to have replay, RL. I watched them earlier before I went out to breakfast. I think it's Lib with the stringy, white tail feathers but I may be wrong on that. The second one into the nest displaced a stick, which prompted more arranging by both of them. It's funny to think that this will go on for several months...fix it up and then weather, bad landings or squatters knock it down, repeat. Carol, enjoy your trip on the river tomorrow. I hope you have nice weather.
Rat, I knew you lived nearby years back and still had a brother here too. Frankfort is still a relatively small suburb, but not where I would expect to see eagles. Hard to ignore all the squeeing that day, but surprisingly I seemed to be the only one paying any attention to it. I missed dusk at the nest so I wonder if anyone is spending the night. To dark to tell without the night vision. The meteor showers should be visible tonight and all weekend.
RL, cams reset earlier so I couldn't see if J/L had spent the night at the nest. Only action on NV was a quick visit by a bluish-colored little bird about an hour in from the start. Rat, are you familiar with the town of Frankfort that's south of me? There's a tall old grainery building that stands in the town center. I was there a couple weeks ago to check out the little shops, walk around and get some fresh air. As soon as I got out of the car I could hear squeeing and when I looked up I saw two large birds sitting on an antenna at the top of the grainery. The squeeing continued for a long time and I asked a couple of the shopkeepers if there was an eagle's nest nearby. No one knew so I figured the two making all the noise must have just been passing through. They were gone about an hour later, but I was excited because I'd never heard one in person. The ground is dry and cracked by me and we seem to be missing out on anything other than a 5-minute sprinkle once or twice a week. Other suburbs have been getting heavy, flooding rains. Feast or famine.
On NV replay I saw L/J fly in with a lump of something to add to the compost pile. It flew to the OL for a short time then returned to the nest to wrestle a stick with legs. After that he/she flew to the TP and then the cams were lost. California Kid, glad to hear hubby is good. A family reunion sounds like great medicine. It's what I look forward to most every year.
Short replay when I got on with no sign of L&J, but at the beginning there was a short visit by a grey squirrel. He found nothing in the nest although he may have been looking for some prime real estate.
On NV replay around 5:30 nest time one flies in (Liberty?). A short time later the other comes in from the back with talons full of grass. Both are molting and I wonder if the feather displacement is causing the shaky landings? The grasses were worked in with Justice getting a little hen-pecking on the part of Lib. Each took turns flying to the Overlook and taking off. Sunday night was the first time in a while that I noticed the night cam was working.
Nice long replay so I was able to see the one that RL mentioned still on the branch behind the donut at daybreak. The other flew in a short time later. Carol, better use extra hairspray on that wedding party.
Nice to see a good long NV replay today! About 5:45 nest time one flew in from upper right and almost overshot the landing. This occurred again about an hour later and I think I heard it say "Need more flaps". The rest of the visit including the surprising TP branch grab was already posted. Like JC and RL said it was good to see both eagles.
Beautiful picture, JC. Glad you pointed out where to see it ‘cause I don’t always check the tweets. RL, seems the cams have been resetting early and often so I rarely get to see the dawn visits. Been wondering if Mr. John could do anything about that but I hate to nag.
I thought it was Lib too. I got excited because it looked like she may have been sitting finally, but then I couldn’t tell if she was just standing in a deep part of the nest. Hard to tell.
Doug, I don’t know if you already know this but last year’s three fledglings and the prior year’s two were each fitted with a a ‘backpack’ type of tracking device that is solar powered so their whereabouts can be located. The map above shows where one of the two 2016 fledglings named ‘Sky’ is at in Canada. The solar panel on the ‘backpacks’ may not show data for the four other eaglets because they’re not near a cell tower or they are in an area that is not getting much sun on their solar panel. Mr. John calls it “checking in” when he’s able to get a reading on any of the five eaglets.
—————————NEW THREAD———————— Welcome back, RL.
Joyce, as you can see there are not many posters checking in during the slow time here. Belated anniversary wishes. Glad that you found each other way back when. When I hear updates on the CA wildfires you and hubby come to mind and I always hope you're safe. So sad for the fireman that was lost and the families of those who worry for their loved ones who are out in it. Cams are down this morning.
Good morning, JC. I was happy to see one that I think was Liberty on replay like you reported. Also saw a visit about 2 1/2 hours earlier that looked like her. I'm not sure if this is the right time, but she seems to be molting...small feathers were flying on the earlier visit. She did some straightening up at the nest and was probably wondering "who left this mess"?
I tuned in about 8:30 pm nest time to Lib on the TP and Justice on the Overlook. He left soon after, Lib came down to the nest and flew off too. Looks like dark clouds in the background. The storm in the Midwest keeps spiraling around over the lake.