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I have a question regarding web pages that I've not been able to answer by looking through other posts. Seems very simple, so sorry if I am missing something! I want to cite a page from MedLine Plus, with basic background info on a clinical condition I'm writing about. So, the page has "NIH > U.S. National Library of Medicine" in tiny letters on the banner, then "MedlinePlus" below. Plus, there's a specific individual also listed who is responsible for the latest update. So who is the source: author, the NIH, the U.S. National Library of Medicine, or the individual? More generally (and especially in cases where there is no individual at all), I am never sure what organization to cite when a page is done by a sub-program of a sub-program of a larger program of a larger (usually government) organization. Do I use the most specific program name as the source, or the largest of the umbrella organizations listed? Thanks!
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Nov 2, 2015