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James Kempski
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I agree with adding shelters. As always it is allocating funds.
Crime is of a major concern. Our company manages a rental property only a few houses from the east police station. You would think that the crime rate would be lower but dealers continue to sell and solicit buyers without fear of being arrested. This encourages prostitution, domestic violence, and gang activity. It seems that the police are afraid to have confrontations with the drug dealers for fear of being viewed as insensitive and compassionate to the drug dealers. With regards to body cameras, I feel it would be a great tool for the police to use in recording the confrontations. As our community continues to grow and prosper with neighborhood improvements I hope that one day the police will do more in aggressively patrolling this area to discourage the drug dealers. I am all for a change in the Durham police department. But as always you have the demand for drugs.
The good news is this company is on the stock market and anyone can purchase shares to actually own a piece of the company. If the workers would buy stock each pay period it would add up quickly and they would be actual owners.
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Nov 9, 2015