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Howard Cubell
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Canson Baryta Photographique. Epson has a new Legacy Baryta paper that is essentially the same. An excellent alternative for an OBA free paper is the Canson Platine.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2016 on The Best Printing Papers at The Online Photographer
This "critique" of Steve McCurry's India book so perfectly captures what I detest about so-called art critics. Many of the photographs in McCurry's book are achingly beautiful. I daresay that the vast majority of photographers in the world would feel blessed to be able to make just one photograph that is as well seen and executed. And how does the art critic prove his point about McCurry's India photographs being so boring? By showing a couple of photographs from a "real" Indian photographer that "gets it." Well, I find those examples SO banal. They resemble thousands of my outtakes over the years that I would not stop to consider for a minute. My wife teaches at a major museum. If I printed up one of McCurry's photographs in a large print and showed it to her and said it was mine, she would immediately accuse me oflying. If I printed one of the photographs Mr. Cole is so enamored of and showed it to my wife, she would ask why I was wasting ink and paper on my junk. [As I's "not a contest, and taking one photographer down never serves to build another up".... --Mike]
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2016 on The McCurry Takedown at The Online Photographer
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Nov 13, 2015