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I don't have an issue with the more scientific polls presenting Mrs. Clinton as the winner, but she was not. The problem I have is how stupid and pathetic the American public is. How can anyone with two brain cells to rub together have watched this and think Mrs. Clinton "won" this debate? She retreated into 911 hysteria when prodded about her Wall St. ties, made nonsensical retorts to serious investigations as to her character whenever possible, and as to thinking she is superior to the other candidates regarding foreign policy, well, she has been demonstrably wrong and in many cases disastrous in her foreign policy thinking. There are numerous examples of this, from her blunder in voting for the invasion of Iraq to her grotesque mishandling of the Arab Spring to her pathetic treatment of Russia. There is no reason to think she is anything but incompetent with regard to foreign policy. If the American public is this abysmally stupid and easily swayed (they are) we are completely ruined. There is now no answer but violent revolution; hopefully I will not live to see it.
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Nov 15, 2015