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solar and datacenter engineer
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Considering i live across from Hyndai NA HQ, we get the best tech here first. Fountain valley has a closed loop wastewater to tap system in place, 1st in country, with a H2 pump out front. H2 is derived from the natural gas produced during bio treating the water. Game changer Once this catches on that our waste water plants can be fueling stations. The plants will be profit centers for municipalities and convert their fleets. Big Oil better jump on board biofuels quick or get left holding worthless oil reserves.
They are swimming through the valley river of death, hopefully this extra fuel product will pull them over the hump to real funding. Truth is these great strides we make with bio fuels will be squelched by the Orange man in the white house.HE is beholden to big oil like no other president.
Engineer-poet why are you so harsh on a superior technology. The weight efficiency of Hydrogen blows lithium out of the water. Recharge time 3min vs 4 hrs. The conversions do not cost 2 million a piece. adding an island to an existing Shell costs a fraction. You are always trolling here, work for trump he needs more bigots.
California is doing similar scale project 30 going to 100 sites. US needs to build out an interstate refilling points geographic dispersed so long trips can be made . Huge selling point in the hydrogen versus battery battle is long distance travel. A $50k H2 car like the Mirai versus $120K Tesla X or $80k Tesla., is already price competitive. forget the Bolt , not designed to long trips. Audi and BMW should have viable hydrogen cars on market soon. Its the heavier H2FC SUV scale vehicles that will benifit most from the H2 station buildout. It would viable to have smaller containers of H2 in solid state media for sale at the interstate sites that are not ready for high pressure pumps, but that would make too much sense. We do have a considerable research effort underway to fufill this scenario at DOE Hymarc. The oil glut is not helping this cause.
Tesla needs to open its chargers to other EV's, hopefully Honda will be smart and use the new Panasonic cells that Tesla is building. OEM the charge controllers so the Rapid DC voltage is all the same. Hydrogen may actually win if they can't get all the EVs on the same common infrastructure. Hydrogen will be so cheap to make from your roof in this decade, that PV charging batteries will never make sense. Lithium batteries innovation in density already asymptoped. To hit the target LCOE mobile batteries need to drop below $100/kw, be recharged in 15min and retain cycle life above 90% to compete.
They key point is the glass waste can be reformed into a better battery that won't explode from flooring it. fuel cells only scale higher then this anode chemistry. Enjoy they few breakthroughs we get Trump's chumps are trying send us back to flinstones, 6gal / mile chevy trucks I can hear that smug Drill baby ,kill the dept of Enegy rant coming.
You might be right but different chemistry like hydrogen fuel cells. Batteries will never catch up to fuel cells, once the platinum catalyst is replaced like in SOFC Sub 30k SUV will be normal that run on $2 kg H2 you can make from your roof.Tesla shows that it takes 70k in batteries to run a fast SUV.
Gorr, you must be a climate denier. Toyota and Honda have production hydrogen cars, GMand Audi also will be releasing theirs to mainstream. The main limitation was hydrogen filling sites,but now there 35 stations in California ,Hi, Texas, many will be renewable sourced.
This could better tech the previous record set by NREL imm pec . Go hydrogen . Hopefully the White House will recognize we can jumpstart our economy by transitioning to hydrogen fuels instead of carbon fuels . We do not need Middle East oil for hydrogen just sun.
The key is get hydrogen made onsite especially on your roof , no more gas station , lcoe below $2.00. Hyper solar has a product nearing market for this model. $10.00/kg H2 is equivalent of 4.00 unleaded mileage by the way. Shear economics will drive hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the replacement of platinum in the catalyst is on its way now. By not having to buy a 60 kWh battery the price point can hit sub $30k market. Additionally the whole uber/left fleets will gravitate towards the hydrogen fuel source skipping the long recharge downtime
Solar fuels will negate alot of the crude demand. The economics for Solar production of hydrocarbons is both carbon neutral and cheaper. See JCAP at caltech, or even self production of hydrogen with Hypersolar in the back yard. Elon Musk is determined to make it cheaper to put a roof built of solar tiles paying for itself. The demand for transportation fuels may increase but the portion drilled out of the ground will shrink as will production from overdrafting the resevoirs.
why are they not using the new Pt 111 catalyst from DOE? They could make the fuel cell so much cheaper witha fraction of the platinum.
Harvey , what taxi company ? in Manhattan? The only way taxis will be competitive is to go upscale, electric ,criminal Screened, Scoffer service. Just imagine what hyperloop would do to this model.
We are in for a major setback with trumps cabinet, The NSF and DOE are due to be chopped down ,if it is not a military applilcation , it will be shut ddown tll, the next round democrats can offset the poor judgement bing laid down our environment. Too bad Solar is already the cheapest source of power . Subsized solar rooftop power and wind farms may be the most endangered species now. Every scientist and educator needs take a stand against tyranny, that is about ensue. There is only hope that Republicans see their supporters benefit most from electric cars and solar roofs not forgeting all the red states that generate the most windpower. Farmers in Iowa and Texas now have ddual incomes and tax benefits. West Virginia and Kentucky need to o move on like Pennsylvania and ohio did.
Ucla has built a system to pull CO2 out gas flues from power plants to make 3D printed concrete. Carbon fiber is stronger then steel especially if graphene layers are used. Some genius like Elon Musk is going to figure out to make alot of money on these building technologies and actually curb the CO2 cycle.
California being the testbed for any car fleet, really needs to give hydrogen and alternative fuel cell vehicles a leg up. There needs to be a consumer grade hydrogen compressor for use at a solar powered home. Most of the solar electricity get wasted on the grid, it would be way better if it was consumed generating hydrogen to fuel their car. Toyota is trying to be the next Tesla with hydrogen fuel cells instead of batteries, but it may be too early for this technology here. When people discover they can power their home at night though the power outlet in the trunk of their Mirai, the litium battery craze will crash. Japan figured this out with Fukisima earthquake blackouts. A rooftop solar array should be able power a couple of kilograms of hydrogen, 8kw system would generate about 1- 1.5 kg of hydrogen/day in summer months. 7 kg a week is 500 miles of driving. This would really change the economics of fuel cell cars and rooftop solar paired together. Its actually apart department of energy long term vision for future home owners.
Ammonia is a great storage medium, considering the midwest windfarms generate more power then needed during winter. The extra Ammonia could be generated and stored in the local fertilizer coops that run up along the Mississippi river. What ever surplus from the summer fertilizer usage could be used to for peak power events through out the midwest ISO.
Nick if read the last 6 months , nuclear is not price competitive . Also not worth the billions it costs to renew the operating permit considering it is siting on an active fault bisecting san luis obispo.We should be pushing for offshore and onshore wind farms there is in a very high percent utilization. Hydro power storage would also work at Diablo. Unless they could convert the reactor to safer fuels like Thorium, which would make alot more sense then paying to clean up the radio active site. Read up on Thorium at Oakridge national laboratory. The government blocked it because they needed reactors to make nuclear weapons.
Tesla will have to start making cars else where because trump will take away the $7500 tax credit/BEV car. Freemount plant staff is becoming more robotics engineers instead assembly technicians. which may explain why they are not a union shop. If the few strike a new robot gets deployed.
Liquid hydrocarbons are not the worst fuel, its how terrible inefficient the internal combustion engine is, If we could do work withe the thermal waste we would be doing 100 MPG, pretty much making all battery EV noncompetitive. People will long for the roar of the cyclinders detonating for accelerations. people will feel like they golfing instead of driving with electric propulsion. rather the cooling the dang engine use peltier thermocouplers to power 48v hybrid motors and electo turbos. Since they make cars that only last 100,000 miles, the uptake will be faster of better ICE/ hybrid. Just remember who elected Trump, Chevy Truck drivers, Probably the last vehicle to go electric. Ford will eventually get their F150 into the 30 mpg with aluminum chassis and 48v hybrid technology, but need really high compression engines to handle carrying loads and towing. Point is people buy trucks , so make trucks that take advantage of electric propulsion running on much smaller high compression engines, CO2 will drop dramatically.
Can these caps achieve a price point below $100/ kWh or pairing with high density storage could make the average family car at $30k price point. That pays for itself in fuel cost savings. The dynamic feel of ICE will be the hardest thing synthesize.
The main issue is the current fleet of ICE and fuel turbines need liquid hydrocarbons. A massive bolt on technology breathrough like in wheel electric motors is the only way we migrate off liquid hydro carbons. It would take 30 years to replace all the ICE fleet with BEV's. Trump my setback the whole conversion process here to electric propulsion, Rich people cant stay rich if people can make their own cheap Joules. Europe and Japan will have to be trailblazers for now. So this technology makes since with our renewable surpluses during lowest demand. Since renewable's are mostly distributed enabling locating these renewable liquid hydrocarbons closer to consumers.
This would be amazing if the 405 was impregnated with this Infrastructure. We would have to build thousands of solar plants to keep the voltage up But say I 15 had this technology. Travel to to vegas would be worry free and be powered by the dozens of solar plants bordering the I-15 coridor
These will blow away lithium batteries someday.
There needs to be a bolt 48v in wheel motor This would vastly simplify and lighten the vehicles weight. Far cheaper to make and add to the car . The all electric drive can be extended moderly. Want to go on long trip rent a larger battery pack mounted in trunk. Most city dewellers will stop buying cars when they figure out that Uber is considerably less .