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Hydrogenfraud Squad
Here's Looking At You Kidder
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+Mannstein "Without a practical battery the EV's will never amount to anything except a niche car. Lithium Ion batteries are impractical. They just don't have the energy density as well as being too expensive for the average consumer." Hydrogen shills should note the irony of their own ignorance. Take the Lithium Ion battery out of the Toyota Mirai and all you have left is a fossil fuel vehicle costing $150,000 to build with no regenerative braking, a 0-60 time of approximately 20 seconds (if that is not being too generous), going from unacceptable to totally unsafe loss of overtaking power, and at least a 5:1 reduction in lifespan from about five years to one year or less.
Davemart "It is pretty tiresome reading the endless sledging comments on fuel cells and hydrogen." Not half as tiring as your professional shilling all over the internet for a fossil fuel scam by an associate of the London Fuel Cell Partnership. Take the hint, and take a hike Dave Illingworth.,1,27362,29,27991.html
Davemart Otherwise known online as Davewmart. Ex Wal-Mart / Asda. It would appear to be a full time job for you to shill for hydrogen and libel Tesla. Why is this?,1,27362,29,27991.html What a sad little fat troll you are. Busted by the Hydrogenfraud Squad.
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Dec 9, 2015