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Donna Thorland
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We have basil, chives, parsley, dill, cilantro, mint and rosemary in pots. I love being able to pop out the back door and grab a few leaves for whatever we're cooking. We also do our tomatoes in pots and our strawberries in baskets. The previous owner of our home was a well known landscape architect and the green spaces are so well designed that we rarely change any of the established (and largely inedible!) plantings, but you can do a lot in containers. None of it, sadly, winters over in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, my mother-in-law has a rosemary bush outside her kitchen door that is the size of a VW bus.
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I've seen 17th century houses in New England that had their chimneys refitted during the later 18th century, narrowing them up considerably. One even managed to squeeze a whole staircase in the reclaimed space! My own 18th century house went through a period as a multi-family where someone decided to add a bake oven on the 2nd floor, in what is now my bedroom...a child could definitely fit up the ground floor parlor chimney opening. The second floor, not so much...
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