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Dear Jill, I could not be happier for you! Huge congratulations on your published art and article, this is so well deserved! I am always inspired by your creativity and imagination. if I said that once, I'll say it again! heehee Yes, I am sure your Mom would be so proud! Funny, My folks were the first people i thought of,when i am published. My mom would be burning up the phone lines! heehee And Dad would be buying copies to send as Christmas cards! LOL This flip is especially gorgeous with it's theme of spring and again Jill,your art is amazing and you are brilliant! huge hugs,Jackie
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2018 on Infinity-Flip-Hello-Spring at Infinite Possibilities
Jill, can I just say , this is freaking amazing!! I kid you not!! Your creativity and imagination just blew me away! I am so happy I came over to read, no absorb this story and your process- I completely love this and believe this is my favorite Jill project ever!! hahaaa Poor Miss Penny Lane-haahaa you made me lol and woke up Chum!! Every detail on this panel is outstanding and I applaud you and you show- thank you so very much for taking me along on this journey! Brilliant I say! Bravo bravo!! Jackie xo
Jill,so sorry I am late to the party, but I am so happy I have arrived! Wow and WOW! I love how you get right in there and try new things and experiment. That paperclay eye made from Gwen's stencil is the best!!And what a perfect piece to create going forward with your 2018 word! Such beautiful layers with the embossing powders- you rocked them sister!! Hugs,Jackie xx
Absolutely, Positively, Incredibly , amazing and most assuredly the finest assortment of gorgeous artwork eva!!okay, So you know what a fan I am..that being said, you knock my socks off with each piece of artwork you share Gwen! #1 fan forever! Jackie ")
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2018 on Reviewing 2017: Mixed Media Art Favorites at Gwen
OMGosh!! Gwen, I was over to SG and i am totally gobsmacked at what you did!! These fish are mind blowing!! You amaze me, over and over again!! Gorgeous Gwen and thank you so much for sharing the tutorial! Jackie ")
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2018 on Gwen's Gems - 3D Collaged Boho Fish! at Gwen
I always think to start on making things for the upcoming Christmas and then I don't! heehee Love your little nativity! Happy epiphany to you as well! May this year be kind to you and bring all good things~ Jackie ")
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2018 on Epiphany at michelle ward
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Jill, these pouches are awesome!! I love how you went all out and added so many different elements! Great gifts and great additions to your journal!! Another question...I am not familiar with Yes, what is this? hugs,Jackie
Jill, I just love reading and learning about your playtime! What a all around gorgeous post!! Everything in this is so beautiful and so interesting...I had to go back and survey the details many times!lol Of course i am in love with your palette as purple is my lead color! But the colors you paired "her" with, well, make my heart soar! As for these skins, I have never seen any so elaborate! Do you have a tutorial here? I must give these a go! As for 2017, I am sorry it was a bad year for you as well, here's to our 2018 and may it bring us much happiness, peace and creativity! lots of hugs and love,Jackie
Wow Jill! I am amazed at all of the steps and textures in this- truly a work of art! I love the burlap showing as well and that embossing is too beautiful! Well done!! Jackie ")
Hi Jill! This is absolutely delicious looking!! I am so going to try this material as well!! Thanks for the introduction to it!! Your piece is gorgeous and I would love to see it in real life! What a great post and have bookmarked your video to watch later while playing in my studio! And now am a follower by email as well- glad you have that link! Happy to be on the same tribe! Cheers to us! Jackie ")
These are gorgeous Gwen!! Love that you used your own background-such a beautiful backdrop for your graphics and elements! Lucky is the receiver! Jackie ") ps...not sure if i already asked, but would you consider a "follow by email" link? Have a great weekend!
Toggle Commented May 18, 2017 on May ATCs - Mermaids and Sirens at Gwen
Wow Wow AND WOW!!!! Gwen this piece is absolutely BRILLIANT! I love each and every detail and this surely reminds me of a treasure from a bygone era! And your Deco stencils and the way you incorporate them, well, freakin AmAzing!! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial!! Time to follow your blog!Your art is so inspirational! Jackie ")
Amy! So very sweet!!Just yummy in fact! Jackie xx
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Many blessings Michelle for a wonderful ,happy and healthy new year! I always prefer the blog posts to FB, so be sure to keep em coming! xo Jackie <3
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2017 on 2017! at michelle ward
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Amy, my favorite new die is the birch and I just loved how you used it! Jackie ")
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Wanda, Your cards are super! As for mine, I have the backgrounds done and am heading back into my studio this morn to work some more on them!! Have a great day!
Great journal spread Briana- Fun fun fun!!Love pickles and those new AC stencils!! Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the hop! Jackie ")
Candy, your little ATC is just too sweet! Thanks for the step outs! Jackie ")
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Dec 25, 2015