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Hasdrubal, I recall reading the technology of the Star Wars universe is static. There are no new engineering or scientific discoveries to make. Ship design, therefore, is simply an exercise in tradeoffs between speed, shields, firepower and so on. So we can't really tell much by ship design other than to treat it as a 'fashion' to tell us what era we are in. The ships of the prequal era therefore, is no less advanced as a tie from the 1970's is less advanced than one today. I do think we can tell something about quantity. This 'First Order' appears to have only a few ships as does the 'Resistance'. When they land on a planet they simply destroy whatever small village or bar represents their target. Unlike in A New Hope or Empire, they do not seem to even be applying a pretense of representing the rightful government and law enforcement authority of the galaxy. Harrison, I agree with most of your discussion regarding the movie and its shortcomings. One thing I'm hopeful is that the future movies might be better. For one thing, after setting the stage for what appears to be a rerun of the 'hero's jouney' that A New Hope kicked off, the next movies might illustrate how this story will follow a very different track. For example, I think it is interesting that Rey's childhood is nothing like Luke's. She is not whiney or spoiled or living a life of boredom. Instead she seems to be living a solitary life of hardship. She is living a life like Obi-wan's when we first encounter him as a hermit. This might explain why she is not only 'force sensitive' but also seems to be able to master force skills so quickly without any training at all from a 'master'. Likewise Luke looks like he has grown into the Obi-wan type role in his older age, but again he isn't. He tried to follow Yoda's advice to 'pass on' what he knew but he ended up creating another Vader...but a rather pathetic one. Why didn't Luke just fight him instead of letting him rise up and create another Death Star-like weapon? Perhaps Luke has become angry and dark after seeing his life post-Return of the Jedi turning to failure. While we are on the subject, let's keep in mind the prequals asserted that all this was the fulfillment of a prophecy of someone who would 'bring balance to the force'. So far we've had gnosticism of endless battle between good and evil. One of the most depressing aspects of this movie is that it begins with what appears to be amazing boredom. After Return of a Jedi, a generation has come and everyone is literally doing the same thing on both a personal and political level. The Empire types are clinging to Nazi like speeches about imposing order and throwing massive manpower at creating various superweapons while the good guys are still playing the role of Rebels. After so many decades of literally the same crap how can either side not simply be intellectually exhausted by now? (I for one found Han Solo to be a disappointment here. I kept saying to myself after so many decades he is literally playing the same game, even wearing the same clothes from the original movie?). Even Finn could be made an interesting character. One possibility, he is actually a plant by the dark side, meant to be groomed unknowingly as the next great Sith Lord. That would add an interesting twist on Kylo Ren's initial glance at him (something odd about that trooper!), but would be nicely consistent with the cold habit of previous Sith lords who manuvered new recruits to kill weaker masters or apprentices. The next movies might, if we are lucky, turn things on their head. Perhaps Rae will achieve the 'balance' by rejecting both sides of the force. Perhaps the Republic will be better off rejecting both the rebels ('resistance' now) and the 'first order' in favor of some middle way which will end this cycle.
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