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Oscar, if you have not heard, many teachers and HCPSS staff are afraid for their jobs. There are 5500+ HCEA and a few hundred more HCPSS staff who would LOVE to speak out, but given the current administration, they can't for fear of retribution. How's that for a hostile work environment? After hearing Christine McComas' and Chris Krupiarz's testimony at the HoCo delegation meeting in December - no parent should have to jump through such hoops when it comes information about YOUR OWN CHILD! What impresses me, is to see people from both sides of the all parts of the political spectrum agree on anything! There are some very hardcore Democrats, Republicans and plenty of Independents I recognize who signed the petition. Now when is the last time you ever heard of a time when so many people agreed on a single issue? Because our kids deserve better than someone who wants to use the HoCo Super. position as a stepping stone for her career and we as parents, we need to speak up for our kids. If you do not have kids in the school system, then you should sign the petition to decrease you taxes if nothing else. Once you take the time to read ALL the links and do a bit of your own research, you will be sick about how much of our tax dollars are squandered on lawyer and other "things" that have nothing to do with student instruction. HoCo citizens have paid double what other larger counties (with more kids) have spent on a special education audit, however, no one can get a copy of the full report? If our tax dollars paid for the report, why can't citizens get a copy? Let's ask Dr. Foose? Oh, yeah, she'll sic lawyers on you to make sure you can't get access to the information. What is she hiding? Money for the HCPSS school budget should be spent on teachers (support staff) and students - not lawyer fees. I know where I'd rather see my very high tax dollars spent.
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Jan 3, 2016