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Too many great shows were canceled this year, America. Too. Many. By Brandon Rizzuto I’ll be honest people. In terms of TV, 2016 has been rough. I can’t catch up with Game of Thrones on time and every time I turn on the news someone I know from TV is dead. You would think with this rough year, the universe would just let 2016 have a break. Yeah, some bad stuff happened in 2016, but at least you still have your favorite show, right? Wrong. So many shows were just canceled. Like so many. Did you get into a new... Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2016 at Crazytown
Simple life hacks to get your through your creative block. By Brandon Rizzuto As a writer, I spend most of my time trying to come up with new ideas. Ideally this creative process would start with me sitting at my desk followed by instrumental music that builds into a crescendo when inspiration strikes. Days will become nights. Months will fly off the calendar with flipbook speed. Crumpled up pieces of paper will be tossed over my shoulder and into an overstuffed trash bin. And in the end I will emerge with sunken eyes and 300 pages of pure literary genius.... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2016 at Crazytown
The past work of your favorite TV faces online, before they were on TV. By Brandon Rizzuto Crazytown, I know most of you are creative people. Creative people that dream of their big break. Maybe it happens because of your one-person show, maybe because someone important was in the audience watching your improv group, hell maybe you’re just good at hustling and you somehow got someone to give you a shot. Whatever is your method, I’m sure at one point you thought “If I can just have a video go viral on YouTube, then I’m set.” These days producing your... Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2016 at Crazytown
Why Game of Thrones is more like homework and less like your favorite show. By Brandon Rizzuto All right, people. Let’s get this out of the way. I love me some Game Of Thrones. I really do. I mean… do I count the days till it comes back on? No, not particularly. Do I know what’s happening all the time? Depends on the story line. Do I read the books? Please. Do I know all the character’s names? Don’t even front. You don’t either. (For real. This guy’s cool and all, but what’s his name again?) Sure, my answers to... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2016 at Crazytown
The funniest bits of blasphemy this side of the faith. By Brandon Rizzuto If we are made in God’s image, I have to assume that God is just like any other regular guy (or girl). It’s the reason why I don’t go to Church. I mean, how would you like it if every day people came into your house really early in the morning, singing and chanting, eating your food, drinking your wine, asking you for things, saying they’ll change if you give it to them (which you know they won’t), and to top it all off, once they leave... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2016 at Crazytown
A quick little break down of how almost all of TV is in one child’s mind. By Brandon Rizzuto On May 25th, 1988, a little medical drama called St. Elsewhere ended its 6 year run on NBC. The show starred Ed Flanders, Normon Lloyd and William Daniels (Mr. Feeny!) as teaching doctors in a Boston hospital. While it wasn’t always a ratings hit, St. Elsewhere had a small, loyal following, and its dark, realistic drama earned 13 Emmy Awards for directing, acting, and writing. However, it’s legacy doesn’t stand on it’s impressive number of Emmy wins, but instead on its... Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2016 at Crazytown
A short list of things that this technically New Yorker doesn’t understand about The City. By Brandon Rizzuto When people think of New York their mind immediately goes to Manhattan. Why wouldn’t it? It’s possibly the most famous city in the world. Manhattan is the epicenter of art and culture. Every single night, stars belt their soul out on Broadway, skyscrapers light up the sky, and no matter how dirty it looks, you’d still trust any food from a cart. (I mean, like, yeah, on paper street meat doesn’t seem like a good idea, but that food is delicious. Credit:... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2016 at Crazytown
Weighing the balance between staying in and FOMO. By Brandon Rizzuto You know that moment when you’re laying down, you got your favorite show on, you’re wearing that pajama shirt that you haven’t washed in weeks, maybe you’re even in a Snuggie, and then you remember: Shit, I’m supposed to hang out with Kevin today. Fucking Kevin. I mean, sure you like Kevin. He’s your best friend. He’s been with you through some hard times, but it’s equally harder to get up from the couch right now. And then you gotta put on pants? Are you kidding me? Staying home... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2016 at Crazytown
Easter eggs in TV, movies, and books we all should have found already. By Brandon Rizzuto Alright, folks. I know what you’re thinking. It’s April 1st. Easter is over. Why are you doing an Easter egg article now, Brandon? Don’t you plan ahead? Didn’t you think it would be better to do this the Friday before Easter, not after it? Well, no. I didn’t. Leave me alone. Besides. Remember Easter egg hunts back when you were a little kid? Maybe your mom hid a few eggs in your backyard and, even though you thought you found all of them, three... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2016 at Crazytown
Bitmojis will be the death of written communication… but it’s so fun. By Brandon Rizzuto Most mornings, I send my girlfriend a good morning text. Why? ‘Cause I’m cute as hell? ‘Cause Tumblr posts tell me that all a girl wants is a guy that sends good morning texts? ‘Cause I legitimately want her to have a good morning? Wrong, wrong, and wrong. I do it because I just discovered Bitmojis and I know she hates them. And what’s a good boyfriend supposed to do if not annoy his girlfriend? For the unfamiliar, Bitmojis are cartoon avatars that you customize... Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2016 at Crazytown
A positive review of Netlfix’s new series Flaked. By Brandon Rizzuto A quick Google search Netflix’s newest original series, Flaked, look grim. Some reviews dismiss it as another “not-really-a-comedy” comedy about another sad white guy. Which, in a sense, is a fair assessment. However, I’m not holding that against Flaked. Created by Will Arnett (who plays main character, Chip) and Mark Chappell, the 8 episode series is marketed as a comedy. When we meet Chip, he’s standing at the podium in his AA meeting, talking about how he came to Venice, Los Angeles after driving drunk and killing a man—you... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2016 at Crazytown
Just because newspapers are dying out, doesn’t mean comic strips are. By Brandon Rizzuto When you were a kid, did you used to take the comics section out of your parent’s newspaper? The ten minutes it took to read that day’s Baby Blues, Zits, Peanuts, and The Boondocks strips were as much of a staple for me as Saturday morning cartoons. However, it’s 2016 now. Who reads newspapers? Screw that noise. Now I get my dose of the “funnies” through the internet, mostly Tumblr. I encourage you to waste some time at work and check out these comics. Hell, go... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2016 at Crazytown
Netflix brings a lot to Love… You won’t just like Netflix’s new show- You’ll Love it. Love is on the air. You get the gist. It’s a review of Love. By Brandon Rizzuto When I was younger, I loved me some romantic comedies. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bridget Jones’s Diary—wait, have you seen Serendipity? How John Cusack was gifted the copy of that book from the beginning of the movie? And then Kate Beckinsale finds the $5 dollar bill that Cusack wrote on? Giirrrrllll, that shit was insane. Anyway, yeah, I loved movies like that. Then... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2016 at Crazytown
A canceled TV show list that doesn’t include Freaks and Geeks By Brandon Rizzuto There are some shows that get everyone in an uproar once they’re canceled. Sometimes enough fanfare can bring a show back (Arrested Development) or get a movie made (Firefly and Veronica Mars). Sometimes even though everyone would love a movie, the original cast is too old for the characters and are now off to bigger and greater things (but, for real though, how about a damn Freaks and Geeks reunion already?) Some shows get the love they deserve after they’re canceled, but unfortunately some shows just... Continue reading
Posted Feb 26, 2016 at Crazytown
If you giggled at that headline, then this article is just for you By Brandon Rizzuto Frank Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes. The Chairman of the Board. That singer your Italian uncle is always talking about. With an array of hits, Sinatra is a musical icon. His hits include “My Way”, “You Make Me Feel So Young, and “Theme from New York, New York.” “Theme from New York, New York” comes from the album Trilogy: Past Present Future. The concept of the album is that each record of the triple vinyl set has songs from the past, present, and future. The... Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2016 at Crazytown
HBO's Animals will hopefully change the way TV is made. by Brandon Rizzuto It’s obvious that the way we watch TV is changing. For instance, in 6th grade I fell in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and eagerly awaited FX to play another rerun of it every day. Now, I don’t feel comfortable starting a new show unless I have enough time to watch at least four episodes in one sitting. Since that first episode of Buffy, I’ve been studying the way TV is watched and, more importantly, made. When something new comes out that’s supposed to revolutionize TV,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2016 at Crazytown
Four conspiracy theories to make you question your entire childhood By Brandon Rizzuto There are some things that everybody knows. The sky is blue, Earth revolves around the sun, milk comes from cows, and George Foreman makes grills. We also know that there were two gunmen who took down JFK, Paul McCartney has been dead for years, Tupac’s alive, and the Earth is flat! That’s right. Conspiracy theories are real and they’re not only for boring history stuff that you don’t care about. You’re favorite cartoons and childhood memories are riddled with conspiracy theories. Take a nap before you read... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2016 at Crazytown
The horrors and wonders of the LIRR's delinquent step-brother of a train. By Brandon Rizzuto I’ve noticed that to people that live in New York City, Long Island is basically another state. I commute to the city from Long Island every morning, and whenever I tell my coworkers about my commute I get replies like this: “You come from Long Island? Boy, that’s a schlep.” “Long Island? Wow! I went there once when I was a kid.” “My sister married a guy from Long Island and moved down there. We don’t talk much anymore. I think she lives near a... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2016 at Crazytown
When the subway isn't delayed or smelly, sometimes cool things can happen. By Brandon Rizzuto Some movies make NYC subways seem like another urban world where NYC culture and a need to express art collide. You know the movie. It’s about some twenty-something that moves to NY after their eccentric aunt dies and now they need the hustle and bustle of artsy Brooklyn to teach them what art, life, and love means to them. Then they go into the subway for the first time, a homeless person yells at them and they get scared, but then they see some street... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2016 at Crazytown
A small list of reasons why you'll have fun at the bar... and why they're lies. By Brandon Rizzuto, writer and TV show Post Coordinator I have a confession that as a 23 year old guy, living in a generation that’s keeping cheap wine in business, isn’t supposed to admit: I hate bars. Why? Because bars suck. That’s right I said it. It needed to be said. I suspect that most people feel this way, but won’t admit it because TV, movies, and dorm parties have convinced us that alcohol is synonymous with fun. No one seems to acknowledge that... Continue reading
Posted Jan 15, 2016 at Crazytown
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