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Umama Khan
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Thursday 3/24 8:45-9:00
I think it is great how Apple is protecting it's customers privacy. It is a rare thing now since the government has access to everything. And Angie does make a great point about people switching because they don't want to "accomplice terrorist acts". The fact that Apple is actually protecting their customers privacy will give them more business. This reminded me of an article I read in my Philosophy class. It was about peoples privacy in an investigation about a baby found dead. All the near by hospitals gave their patients information except planned parent hood. They fought for the right to privacy for their patients. The government is trying to take control of everything including peoples privacy. Just like Karina said the government doesn't trust us and never will.
After reading both articles I think its safe to say that the government is using the act of keeping us safe to perform terrorist acts. While some believed that terrorism can destroy democracy, others didn't in "Can terrorism destroy democracy?". And I agree with Cristal that trying to keep the U.S safe has caused us to weaken our democracy. The U.S is quick to point fingers at Muslims and blame them for 9/11 but don't look at themselves and the terrorist acts they perform. Attacking Iraq and killing innocent children and families. I think it was the shooting in Connecticut where the guy shot his mother and killed 26 kids in an elementary school then shot himself. He wasn't labeled a terrorist, he was called "unstable" but his acts were of terrorism whether he was stable or not. So if he can be labled unstable then why are Muslims labeled terrorist because of an act that a small group of individuals did. whom we are not even sure did it. How do we know that it was Muslims and not Bush? Totally went off topic but just needed to get that out. Other than that we are destroying our own democracy by instilling fear to ourselves and others around us. U.S wonders why they are always under attack but don't realize they are causing it to themselves by attacking other countries for no reason.
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Jan 20, 2016