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Brittany Gatling
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I think the whole police brutatilty issue has taken a complicated turn when it comes to who to blame. It inotially starts with the Police's abuse of power over the minority, but when it sparks outrage it makes African-Americans look bad on their parts as well. This is why it's important to allow peaceful protesting. I also find it interesting how other countries are sharing their views on the police brutality in America and how they are willing to send supplies to protesters in order to help. This shows how big of an issue police brutality has become. It is now a worldwide issue that needs to be addressed.
I agree with Cristal on the author's point in trying to find a definite enemy. The term "terrorism" has been commonly associated with a specific ethnic group or religion. Since 9/11, the media lead people to believe that if someone appears to be muslim, middle eastern ect. that increases the chances of them being a terrorist. As a child, I recall instances where people, even my own mom, would tense up when a muslim person would ride in the same train car us. Or get on the same bus. Terrorism is not a term that should not be assosiated with any specific group of people. It is something that anyone is capable of being. If someone wants to commit acts of violence and intimidation for political purposes, they are indeed a terrorist.
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Jan 21, 2016