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Blog Post 11 (12, according to Syllabus) It is so true that the capstone project is not so much about the amount of work but more about people management. Management of relationships with teammates and clients, and management of changes. I've learned that just because Drew is flexible doesn't mean clients are, and changes are perceived very differently by different people. Managing the expectations from both parties proved to be tricky and at times, uncomfortable, but this experience will no doubt, better equip me to deal with similar situations in the future. After more than a month of prep work,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
Blog Post 10 (or 11, according to Syllabus) The ends seems so far away. At the moment, I can't quite see light at the end of the tunnel. Progress this past week has been slow; the scale on which I've been attempting to balance (1) giving my client what she's looking for and (2) offering the best advice I have, is tipping. I feel stuck. There are still a number of items my client wants fulfilled, and I've been keeping up with the prep work, but the waiting game continues and I can't move forward without her and access to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
Blog Post 9 (10, according to Syllabus) My project went through a number of changes over the past 2 weeks and I'm learning the lessons I've learned over and over again. Since the start of the project, a lot of the focus was on providing research work outside of the capstone to my client because she wanted it. Although we've talked about how some of the data she wanted do not apply to building a marketing strategy for her specific goal, she was persistent. Hence, it was decided from the beginning that the best approach was to give her what... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
Blog Post 8 (or 9, according to Syllabus) Time really flies by in a blink of an eye. When I hear others talk about how soon the semester will be over (which also means graduation!), I can't help but groan because I can't allow the semester to end just yet. The past week, I was reminded to never get too comfortable. Communication lapsed a little as a result of preparation for an interview my client, Liz, had to focus on for a morning talk show. Being thick-skinned - which is not in my nature - helped when I needed to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 14, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
Blog post 7 (or 8, according to the syllabus) For the past couple of weeks my biggest focus has been preparing for the focus group that took place on Tuesday, March 1. And phew! It's completed! My anal personality had me prepare for every worst case scenario because when it comes to using audio/visual equipment at an event, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Using some of the resources we didn't think about before till the previous class -- from renting AV from the library to seeking help from co-workers to take notes and pictures -- the prep... Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
Blog Post 7 (according to Syllabus) The tool introduced to us in class last week provided a new perspective on approaching and handling issues we're currently facing. Had a "light bulb" moment where I realized why my client wanted so much control over every step to be taken for the research process. Liz is cautious about the communication to be made with the organization's board members and volunteers because managing the relationship with these groups of people falls on her shoulders and directly affects the performance of the organization. Knowing that, I now anticipate concerns she may have and explain... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
Blog Post 5 Looking back over the past week, I could kick myself for not managing my time a little better. Setting a schedule for schoolwork is crucial for me and comes in handy when the workload at my job gets heavy. Now that I'm knee deep in managing both school and work, I fully appreciate the type of commitment it takes to excel at both. I'm grateful for the work my client has been doing on her end, reaching out to corporate and individual donors, as well as recruiting volunteers and board members for the focus group and one-on-one... Continue reading
Posted Feb 21, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
Blog Post 4 This past week, Rebecca and I met with our client, Liz, and was finally able to iron out some of the concerns each side had. Although Liz was easy to talk with, there were times I worry about being too inflexible when it comes to getting consensus, such that we're fulfilling what she wants and what is expected of us from the academic standpoint. Those were the times I'm grateful for Rebecca's forthright attitude. She wasn't afraid to express what WE needed. Being able to bounce off each other during those meetings is something I appreciate, especially... Continue reading
Posted Feb 15, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
After the first Project Review, I was hopeful that with the guidance Drew gave us, we'd go into our second client meeting clearing up any existing grays. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, our client had to reschedule. I was cognizant of the amount of time that have passed and we absolutely have to start our primary research process. However, without an aligned goal between our client and us, we're unable to project the necessary resources required for our research. Never would I have expected getting alignment to be so difficult. I've found that to be especially true when you try... Continue reading
Posted Feb 7, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
This week, Rebecca and I focused on getting even more information we believed we needed to kick-start the research plan. No doubt, the initial excitement of getting things going died down a little, partly because we realized that due to multiple factors, there are times we simply cannot obtain the information we want as quickly as we had hoped to. We need clarity, but stepping out of the gray area wasn't as easy as we thought it would be.This was what Drew had "forewarned" us of -- AMBIGUITY. I guess that's all part of learning -- managing the black, white,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
(Saved and Posted on Jan 25 but just realized it was not published till now!) Ever since the first class where Drew explained the objective of the capstone (with emphasis on how it’s supposed to put pressure on us throughout the process), I’ve been feeling nervous about the project. 5 years in the U.S. and I still can’t shake off the anxiousness I experience whenever I’m given a major assignment. What can I say? I was brought up in a society where academic excellence defines you. As more research was done on A Kid Again (my client), the excitement on... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
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