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Karina Rosado
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Thursday 3/24 10:30-10:45
Angie makes a great point when she states, "Apple is being very loyal to their customers and this is a great thing, but some people might switch because they don't want to "accomplice terrorist acts". The situation could go both ways; you value your privacy, or you support the government in trying to hack people's phones to stop terrorism. " Apple is being very loyal and if they start becoming disloyal they will definitely lose business. Should out privacy be reveled all because they want to "stop" terrorism? Is this really even why? Makes you think. What happened to humans right to privacy ? We lack that. We seem to lack privacy now more than ever. We are all suffering as one and slowly all of our rights are being taken away without us knowing it. They say it's for terrorism but is that the real case? Or are they trying to blind us and make us believes that the real reason? The truth of the fact is the government does not trust us and never will. Just like we don't trust them.
I agree with Brittany 100% when she stated, " it's interesting how other countries are sharing their views on police brutality in America and how they are willing to send supplies to protestors in order to help." This line allow shows how much things have changed and how much chaos all of the police brutality is bringing to our country. It was wrong for Freddie to carry a knife around but was the way he got arrested needed? I don't think so. I think matters could have been handled another way. If Freddie stated his back injury why continue being rough handed with him? When thinking about the topic it makes you think. Going back to other cases, we have seen the harsh brutality officers have. For example, a black man who was selling cigarettes outside of a store, was there any need for about six police officers to jump on him and beat him? He said he couldn't breathe and they continued. Things to change and become better. These individuals do wrong things but do they need to necessarily die in the process of being arrested?
From reading what Cristal and Brittany posted I can honestly say I agree with them and their point of view on this article. The word "terrorist" has been classified to a specific group of individuals. The way people think and the definition/appearance they give the word makes people fear being by a Muslim or a person who looks like they might be Muslim. Terrorism doesn't have to have one meaning it can have several just like an enemy, we have several not just one.
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Jan 22, 2016