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It saddens me to have to point out these things to an organization that has arguably done much good for the cause of Christ. I prayerfully hope that you will consider some of the things that I have said here and see that not all that glitters is gold. Or as my father who was a political prisoner in former Jugoslavia explained his reason for imprisonment…I was sanctioned for calling bagels…bread(as near as I can translate it). When it comes to STR organization, I seem to be following in my father’s footsteps and STR is following in the footsteps of the Socialist Republic of Jugoslavia in its treatment of my views. Is that what you seek to become? Not according to your words, but is it the case according to your behavior that can speak louder than words? You will have to make a decision on that as an organization…or you can ignore the issue. I shall leave it in the hands of God. In this matter as in all others, may his will be accomplished.
Again we worship at the altar of capitalism and sing its praises without carefully thinking through the details that are historically grounded in the ancient Christian church. Is capitalism what really brought about the good that we can point to in the western civilization or is it something much more fundamental that happens to have been incorporated into the system of cleptocracy? In modern capitalism we see an element of charitocracy that was infused into their socioeconomic system, the remnants of which we see even today as the church has retained a small portion of that charitocratic system and continues in charitable work around the world. There is not a single Christian that will not have an impulse to get involved in charitable work of one form of another…be it an outreach to the lost or to the hungry and the needy. It is embodied in the system in which that which one owns is shared and considered as property that all have in common, but unlike the communist socioeconomic model, it does not do away with private ownership. Yes, I know that one can argue that this system was not proscribed, but only described as one that the early church adopted for a time. It could be argued that charitocracy was not proscribed, because it is such an obvious part of the Christian experience that only someone severely impaired would miss the fact that this is the best socioeconomic system and would produce the very best results for the people on this blue globe we call earth, it was that obvious even to the ancient people. It is also that obvious to today’s people and the fact that Christians everywhere engage in charitable work. That they do, speaks to the truth of my assertion. Every single good that is described by the OP here, can be traced to the fact that the threads of charitocracy run through the fabric of the modern day capitalism. Pull those threads out of the modern notion of capitalism and what you have left is a single thread type in the fabric and that is….cleptocracy. It is only the infusion of charitocracy that the first century church practiced that breeds the success that modern version of capitalism has attained. Take away every trace of charitocracy and you will have nothing behind but moral and economic ruin. There has been a segment of society that has in fact been ripping away those threads of charitocracy and we know them as liberals and our objections will never gain any traction against their views without having a clear understanding of just where the socioeconomic model that those closest to our savior Jesus when he walked the earth understood was the very best and we as Christians on a certain level also understand to be the best. Without the element of charitocracy in our socioeconomic system, God would, by his nature of goodness, have to turn his face away from and thus not offer the “blessings of liberty” that he has bestowed upon this nation. It is not because of capitalism, which when stripped of its cloak of charitocracy is exposed in its nakedness as nothing more than cleptocracy, but because we have retained the foundation of charitocracy within our socioeconomic model. It is those who seek to do the good of God’s will with their worldly goods that God rewards and that is not something that pure capitalism will produce, but charitocracy that flows from our gratitude for what God did for us on the cross. To give credit to the capitalism for the success of capitalism and its contribution of the world is to miss the point of what is really responsible for its success and contribution to the world. It is only because it has been infused with the poison of charitocracy that has paralyzed the true cleptocratic nature of capitalism that made it possible for some aspects of capitalism to be put to use for the promotion of the good and the spread of the gospel in the world. It is only because capitalism is not always in the driver seat of the socioeconomic model that much good has been accomplished…but don’t be fooled…it is not capitalism that has accomplished it for without charitocracy…capitalism would be the vilest and most evil socioeconomic system that this world has ever seen and God’s purpose would be thwarted. It is like divorce that God allowed…it is not the best for mankind, but capitalism has been allowed because of our sin and he has used its evils and has, fortunately for us, hijacked it to accomplish the good. But never be fooled. Capitalism is not God’s best for us…it is just something that he allows for a time and that time will come to an end, if not before, when we leave this life and join our savior and shed the evils of this world…among them CAPITALISM. I know that this topic is not a central to Christianity and it should not be, but I was not the one that brought up the socioeconomic topic here and thought that the record should be set straight for those of you who continue in the illusion that it is capitalism as a socioeconomic system that is responsible for the good that the world is enjoying today. May it never be so, for it is the Grace of God and only that, that can be credited for the good we see being accomplished around us…and that in spite of capitalism, not because of it. Having said that, I now apologize for circumventing your security systems as it was the only way to post my message as I have been banned for my socioeconomic views by an organization that claims to be dedicated to a reasonable conversation about issues that matter most and one that claims not to embrace the novel, but sticks to the traditions of the church fathers…but it seems to me that embracing cleptocracy, which is what capitalism fundamentally is and it is contrary to that charitocracy (it is true charity that rallies people to engage in industry to better their lot) that seeks to expand opportunities and provide new technology that is turned into industry and thus improve the lot of the people of all stripe, is not something that was the tradition of the church fathers. God forbid that we should ascribe cleptocracy as the ideal that the early church fathers embraced as their socioecomonic model and the fact that they distanced themselves from this by adopting the idea that when it comes to private property they chose to have all things in common they demonstrated a clear understanding of the fact that they did not wish to be associated with the evil corruption that is capitalism. I think that the mistake that is being made is the fact that there are two things we talk about when we speak of modern notion of capitalism…we are not talking about pure unadulterated capitslism, but a marriage of capitalism and charitocracy and the charitocracy is its better half. When we make decision on where to practice our charity, we should be reminded that charity begins at home and that is counter to today’s capitalistic ideal of getting the most bang for your buck and thus go abroad where it costs less to reach more people. We should be more interested in the quality of our charitable work, not the quantity. There is a reason why we should not focus on the numbers…for it is God that gives the increase…does he not? Should we not leave the numbers to God and concern ourselves with the quality instead? Has not the quality issue been settled in the instance of the contribution of him who has little vs. the contribution of one who has much in the bible already? The quality is not determined by the numbers, but the attitude of the heart, and it is the quality that god uses to increase the numbers, not quantity. This has been shown over and over again…for it is the prayers of a righteous man(quality) that availeth much. My prayer for you this year is that the scales be removed from your eyes and that you may see the true role of charitocracy in the Cambrian explosion of the first century church. God gave great increase because the right model was being used and the wrong model is producing for us the kinds of problems we see today. Compare the ancient and the modern and see which of the two work better.
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Jan 23, 2016