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Sunday I connected it to PC with APM software. It overwelming. Did not conncect. But then we went flying. Back home. Again installed APM on my W10 PC. check out if the F320 got recognised and found out, wrong comport. Now it connects. Diving a bit in software. And on it support pages. It states there are 14 flight modes. I if interpret these pages. Acro could be set if you set the Flight mode mixing channel 5 with other channel so you get 6 FLight mode to use. It new to me to. I quess its posible.
Hi, we tested sunday my F320GPS and brothers F210 and a friend custom. The F210 spins down realy fast so self locking props not tightned flew off. The props of that custom non lockin props did not fit. The F320 spins down slower. We are noobs so just bit hoovering. In windy weather. We all had a little crash to. All props survived. But antenna tube of reviever lost in the grass. That F210 is small next to the 320 and 250 custom DIY
Yes Bo, I call it not FPVRTF. But it is RTF :) also View the headplay article. Verry interresting. But did find those not in shops in my region. My take on it, the better goggles are expensive. More something to try out if those fit right, in a shop. Also for the glasses. I think I take a cheap monitor mounted on the radio for first couple of flights. Much Later a goggle. Also don't have the aircraft yet. Expect in early february. Also I need to ready full gear. Like extra lipo digital charger . But the lag is that only while recording. Not recording no lag?
Nice review, but I miss something! I recently orderd Furious 320 GPS, my brother the 210. As it states it RTF but my observation is not FPV ready to fly. Any recommendation. Devo F12E ? What goggles? I wear glasses for far sight! Or FPV monitor mounted on Devo 10 It is the GPS version. APM is interresting. But what are the ramification for wich full FPV gear needed? Yes, I am aware it heavy, so drag and daytona 500 ish casual racing. As I am a Captain slow. Thanks & greets Stan
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Jan 24, 2016