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Interests: Solutions
Recent Activity Here's Dr. David Gorski partner of Dr.Steven Novella and his research on Riluzole aka Rilutek by Sanofi-Aventis. Performed at Barbara Ann Cancer Institute ( Wayne State University). • Sanofi-aventis has entered into various other collaboration agreements with partners including Immunogen, Coley, Wayne State University, Innogenetics and Inserm, under which sanofi-aventis may be required to make total contingent payments of approximately €31 million over the next five years.
It's the body's immune inflammatory response again just like in Autism. Every single vaccine-related adverse reaction on PubMed are due the body's inflammatory immune response. Inflammation can damage tissue and once the tissue is damaged, infection sets in, and you now have an infectious disease to deal with. Here's my theory on vaccine induced regressive autism: Immunization shots (antigens) --> body's immune system identifies pathogens--> responds with inflammation to protect the body by engulfing the pathogens. The blood brain barrier in children are not fully developed yet so during immunization some antigens and immune cells maybe able to cross the BBB and ends up in the brain.The microglial cells in the brain are the brain's immune defense and they also responds with inflammation to defend the brain against pathogens. Inflammation in the brain is called neuroinflammation. The body's inflammatory response may also accidentally kill or damage some of the neurons in the brain during the process: Immunization shots--> immune response, some pathogens and immune cells are able to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) --> microglial cells identifies the pathogens-->the microglia defends the brain by smothering the pathogens with inflammation. Unfortunately, during the inflammatory process,some of the neurons in the brain are also killed or damaged-->regression --autism.
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Jan 25, 2016