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Living simply means no longer being held hostage to wanting things. Looking at what you have and saying I have enough can bring the satisfaction we think we will find in buying more. I went from five huge bookcases to a three shelf bookcase this last summer. I kept what mattered the most. With only three shelves I had to really think through what I wanted to keep. Now instead of being overwhelmed by all my books, I actually want to read what I have because I know each book and love each book I kept. The value of the books I kept went up because they were the ones that stayed while everything else found a new home. After purging about 65% of our stuff, I have found that the things that remained now shine forth because they can finally be seen and appreciated with all the weeds removed. One item of beauty can stir the soul much more than fifty things all crammed in a room. Live simply and let simple beauty shine forth.
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Jan 28, 2016