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+I second Blandina's comments and Such a wonderful story about you and the team each "finding heart" in different ways in the 'town of (my) pity'. Isn't that just the way things of the heart go,tho. Diamonds in the coal. Thanks for sharing. Jax
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Jun 26, 2016
I am drawn in by your sense for blending colors. And the story telling with each piece!!! Like many others, I also found you through Jude's blog, and I think I relate to you as you did to Jude. I have learned so much from her site and Feel Free open learning, and after exploring your archives, I am getting the door to open trust my instincts more and to try less and do more!! Thank you for sharing your smooth and easy (haha)style with us. Visiting your blog is def one of the bright parts of my day!! Peace, Jackie
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I used the word 'dimension ' to mean process of making art. And if the limits of time were put on it, it may not be the completed piece. And some who may have learned from it would not, due to the artist not being fully settled on its end, by being hurried; as I was doing to my friend.And I, as a. kind of artist would never let it(the pc. of art) go, feeling it wasn't what I wanted to leave others to see and possibly see or hear something that benefits them.So, here's that and here's this, I am trying to quit nicotine. As John Lennon said "Christ, you know it ain't easy"....hehehe Respectfully with love, Jax I am long winded, and I'm working that1
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Hello. I am so happy to read this at this point. I encouraged a friend to "energize" as if it were the next logical thing,but shortly after, I realized this dimension thrives in a place were time does not exist. That would be leaving our fingerprints behind, giving a sort of ownership to a space to exist; the dimension would not be free and openly solid enough for change and enlarging for growth. Have a sweet weekend. I think I'll have a cigarette.
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Apr 25, 2016
Grace and Jude, Started following you around Valentine's Day 2016. I started with muslin and scraps of fabric from the 80's ,permanent ink and embroidery floss. (on hand stash) I hope you or someone can share some ideas on where I can find some different fabric for purchase. The muslin is not the feeling I want to sew through, if u know what I mean. I am trying fruits and veggies and nuts and teas as dye and this is working great.Feel bold and away out of my league asking such matured artists for simple help like this, but really, You, and are my inspirations, so where better to begin? Thanks for any help or advice and especially any time you may give to me to assist me on my slow path of learning the love of handling textiles. Jax
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Yes. Enjoyed your observation.
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Jan 30, 2016