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Maidan comes to USA Posted by: Patrick Armstrong | 24 July 2020 at 12:03 PM What a lying, stupid and slanderous comparison. If the vicious bolshevik White-hating rioters in Grant Park are to be compared to anything Ukrainian, they are the violent Stalin-worshipping titushky and soccer hooligans that were shipped in from the sovietized east to terrorize the Maidan, not the Ukrainian patriots who kept the Maidan going for three brutal months. How blindly russophile does one have to be to attempt such a complete reversal of the facts? These scum in black are exactly the opposite of the Maidan patriots, and in order for Armstrong’s analogy to work, the Trump administration must be the equivalent of the Russian-proxy Yanukovych government, poised to relinquish American sovereignty to Russia or China - maybe the only concession Trump has shown some ability to resist. White Americans would do well to rise to the level of bravery, toughness, perseverance and self-sacrifice that the Ukrainians demonstrated during the Revolution of Dignity. It is going to take that level of resistance, if Biden wins, to keep from being enslaved in the neo-soviet, feminazi, negro-centric country his controllers and their red guards have shown they will go to any lengths to create.
And the question I forgot to ask was of course: which kind of luck do you wish them?
I am feeling a bit playful today, Colonel, so in that spirit I will pose a question: I notice you did not specify which type of "luck", good or bad, you wished the Chinese. For myself, I wish them that their lunar rover does a nice rollover as it rolls down the exit ramps. It would do me a lot of good to see that thing belly up, waving its antennae like a dead bug!
@ John in Michigan | 15 July 2020 at 06:03 PM Agree completely, especially your last sentence. What is your sense of how Trump will do in Michigan?
@ BillWade ..."the very best thing you can do for yourself is to run away fast from sugar." They will pry my sugar from my cold, dead hands.
@ Stephanie "unique favorable effects on the immune response." Are you talking about using it before or after symptoms appear? IOW, is this for prevention, or mitigation? Of the so-called "cytokine storm"?
I have always regretted that, in all my world travels, there are two great countries I never managed to set foot in: Italy, and the South. And now it looks like I will never get to see the South.
Colonel, Thanks for the correction. Come to think of it, one of the creeps, Cuomo, might prefer she live to testify, since there is a chance Trump might be involved. JP, Yeah, lots of ways she can get dead.
@ JP Billen "Let's hope the Federal Detention Center in Brooklyn is more secure than the one in Manhattan where Epstein was held." Both are under the control of two of Trump's enemies, Governor Cuomo (who has his own sordid past to consider), and Mayor DeBlasio.
@turcopolier "no. I don't remember." Yep, happens. I don't remember why I made most of the major decisions in my life! Thanks for your reply, sir.
Colonel, They sure are. I believe it's part of their identity now. Happy Independence Day to you and SWMBO.
@ Diana Our school's preparations for Armageddon didn't go as far as yours, (and now I'm wondering why not?) but I'll never forget watching the skies for incoming ICBMs on the way home from school in October, '62. Apparently, however, we owe our continued existence to a Russian naval officer, who waited a crucial few seconds more than he was supposed to before firing on an advancing U.S. warship, and as a result, got the word that he was to stand down. Credit where credit is due ... @Fred The way I read it, TTG didn't claim the Russian interference won the election for Trump, just that it happened. But I concede that only when the Russians get good enough to manufacture millions of actual votes for a candidate, as the dems did for hilldog, is there ground for complaint. @makkinejad What does alleged American involvement in the drug trade have to do with it? Are you saying that it's ok for the Russians to offer that as an excuse for continued support or encouragement of the Taliban?
Colonel, As I said at the beginning of my comment, whether the bounty story is true or not is not my main concern. Although, now that I think of it, some of the arguments raised above don't really prove the story false. “The Taliban can't be bought”; the Taliban will kill for free; if the Taliban have been paid lots of money, where are all the dead G.I.s? These are hardly airtight arguments. Has no one heard of "take the money and run"? And to dismiss Russian bank transfers to Taliban accounts as just "proceeds from heroin" - well, excuse me, but that sounds like hostile action to me. If the Russians wanted to help end the Taliban threat they wouldn't let them use their banking system, would they? But my main objection was and remains the use of domestic black murder stats in a discussion of American armed forces casualties. This is to cheapen the sacrifices of our servicemen and women. The two don't belong on the same page. And bringing up how homicidal blacks are to one another is how weak-kneed conservatives and some liberals always try to take the heat off the police and Whites in general whenever a black gets shot by a cop - as if that matters to the likes of BLM/antifa, when all they want is to undermine law and order so they can continue to destroy our society. “Once upon a time marine artilleryman?” Are you trying to make me feel old, or are you unsure of my identity, or are you calling attention to the fact that I’m not one of the lofty retired spooks around here? When you asked me about my nick a couple of years back, you said that it sounded like one of those long range recon units. And I informed you that no, I was the guy who answered the radio and took down coordinates when the grunts and recon units called arty for help - remember?
@ked "I am biased. Never been much for armed personality-cults convinced they are acting out God’s Will in the end-times." And you think antifa/BLM are walking around with flowers in their hair? You prefer atheist thugs who only want to work THEIR will on their enemies?
@Larry Johnson Apart from the veracity or lack thereof of the "bounty money" story, your putting the lives of our soldiers on the same plane, and apparently at the same value, as the lives of ghetto rats is effing disgusting. Big time ex-CIA tough guy, my ass - you're just another clueless bleeding heart lib. You’re good at calling people retarded. What’s retarded is your thinking that Russia would choose to kill our homegrown African terrorists instead of highly trained American troops. If anything, Russia would like to find a way to fund these animals that you are so concerned for. And I'd like to see you confront the families of the three thousand dead and twelve thousand maimed Ukrainian servicemen defending Donbas with your lie that Russia is no wolf.
@ Habakkuk 988 was not the conversion of “Russia” nor the pivotal moment in “Russian” history; “Russia” wouldn’t come into existence for another 6 centuries. 988 was the conversion of the Kyivan Rus’; IOW, a pivotal moment for the Ukrainian people. Ukrainians of the World War 2 generation I’ve spoken with considered “Rus” to mean “red”, or “fair”, in reference to the red and blond haired descendants, prevalent on the territory of Ukraine but not in Russia, of the Scandinavian Rurikid tribes who, along with other local tribes, formed the basis of the Kyivan Rus' Kingdom, the forerunner of Ukraine and Belarus. Rus’ also is related to the Latin word for countryside; unurban. Other variations, such as ros and rhos, referred to “people who rowed”, and “people who flowed or moved”, as the original Scandinavian river traders and colonizers did. In any case, not to today’s Russia. As for the supposed “sacredness” of Crimea to Russia: Long before Muscovy became Russia, long before Russia became involved with Crimea, it was a launch site for Ukrainian Cossack raiding parties who took their light chaika boats all the way to Byzantium and raided the city. During this time, they also raided Caiffa and liberated 20,000 slaves from the Turks. It is a lie that “banderistas” and “neonazis” have any power in Ukraine. Unlike in Russia, where the former communists are riding high, never having paid a price for their 70 years of crimes, in Ukraine the “neo-nazi” is an ongoing figment and tool of Russian propaganda. The Kremlin’s reflex reaction to any resistance to Russian hegemony is to label it “nazi” and “fascist”. In fact, Ukraine was the only country occupied by the Wehrmacht that specifically demanded their own independence and the chance to fight the Bolsheviks on their own. For this they were put under the strictest direct control of Berlin and Bandera was imprisoned. It is a mystery known only to you initiates why Ukraine, which has never invaded anybody, which sacrificed oceans of blood for the USSR in WW 2 only to be repaid with brutal occupation, more starvation, and the suppression of any national feeling, is heaped with obloquy and sneeringly dismissed as the “ ‘insulted and injured”. You keep going back to Chamberlain and the condemnation he received for “appeasement”, as if that is relevant to those who condemn Russia for its war on Ukraine today. Your convoluted argument about Chamberlain and the charge of “appeasement” notwithstanding, Chamberlain’s situation was nothing like that which confronts today’s Ukraine. Germany had not fired a shot at Britain in ‘38. Since 2014, Ukraine has lost 3,094 men and over 12,000 wounded - all casualties on Ukrainian soil - and a valuable piece of its territory to this Russian aggression that you want to excuse. As for your disingenuous argument that Putin is no reincarnation of Stalin: call him Catherine the Great, then. Since 2012, when Putin first began to talk of “historical Russia” his policy is patently the same as hers - expansion and aggrandizement.
@ Fourth and Long Have some more to drink! There is so much to love about that song! What a prescient and wise piece of advice he gave about sending those people back south in 1928; if only.
'The Democrat pols calculate that they can ride the tigers (virus and revolutionary mobs) ravaging the country and then regain control after they win it all. IMO they are mistaken in that belief. If they win, the revolutionary tiger will continue to rage and will devour them just as later waves of Jacobins devoured people like Danton and Robespierre in the French Revolution." That is devoutly to be desired, yet I fear the beast may be bought off with more stimulus checks, then to turn on the deplorables with redoubled fury. We provide them more targets and we are not as well protected.
@TTG Re: “if those hotheads in Charleston could have controlled their emotions just a little longer” If they had “controlled their emotions” a bit longer, Lincoln would have succeeded in bottling up the South’s most important port. From there, interdiction of seaborne trade would have been easy, cutting off the South’s lifeline to the wider world. Reinforcing Sumter was an act of war; Lincoln’s cabinet knew this, that’s why most of them advised him against it. Lincoln was simultaneously pursuing the takeover of Fort Pickens, at the entrance to Pensacola Harbor. With these two harbors rendered useless to the South, the Confederacy would have been severely weakened before a shot was fired. As for your being “more convinced than ever that preserving the institution of slavery was central to the Confederate cause”, frankly, TTG, I don’t give a damn. I wish to hell that the South had been able to keep blacks enslaved for another two or three generations; it might have trained them up enough to be useful, to eschew crime as a way of life, and in general, to appreciate their freedom.
The Spook Who Sat By The Door is a “thought provoking masterpiece”. Only to those who believe in the big lie pushed by the black grievance industry. Like the Panthers’ false raison d'etre, to combat “police brutality against blacks and the suppression of the black community”, the film starts from the false premise that blacks have it so bad in America that they are justified in going on a murderous rampage against Whites. By 1973, I didn’t need a film to tell me about the already ongoing black guerilla war against Whites, I’d been seeing it on my Chicago streets since the early ‘60s. Since the great war hero Eisenhower sicced the 101st Airborne on the terrified White parents of the South in 1957, who only wanted to protect their precious children from what they knew all too well would result from race-mixing, blacks had sensed they had been given the license they had always craved, and the first people they tried it out on were people like my family and friends in inner cities across the land. They invaded our White neighborhoods, shooting at and threatening us from the beginning. Discussion of past Civil Wars, Revolutions, Constitutional crises, the Progressive versus Reactionary tension, etc. is a waste of time. It is wasted on the typical black, who can’t follow a sentence of more than five words, and anyway has contempt for reading and those who read. No, what we have now is a race war. Blacks hate Whites, want to kill Whites and take their property, and they’re doing it with impunity everywhere. They sense White weakness and it is exciting a blood lust in them. They are casting off - have almost finished casting off - the “American” part of “African-American”. The African is coming out from under his veneer of White civilization before our eyes, and he sees his chance to turn America into South Africa. And we have the same kind of elites in charge of us now as those who handed South Africa over to black destruction. I think of those bold armed White protesters, screaming in the faces of those nearing retirement-aged Michigan Capitol police about the unfairness of the Covid lockdown. So brave of them, and so misplaced. That rage needs to be turned against the black guerilla. For the remaining Whites on our police forces are leaving. And the hooded one who said to the network reporter during the height of the American Kristallnacht “We coming to get y’all! We coming out to the suburbs!” wasn’t making an idle threat. “Americans have not demonstrated the self-discipline or fire discipline to have everyone packing a roscoe.” worries TTG. This is the opposite of the problem Whites face. What Whites need desperately now is to lose some of that “self-discipline”. I want to see blacks running from us, from my kind of people, the Chicagoans of 1919, the last Chicagoans I am proud of.
@ tedrichard What do you mean the "next" war? Russia is already making war - in Ukraine. "the russians have stated in no uncertain terms through their published war doctrine.........if a war is inevitable and CAN NOT be avoided"... Right, if Russia gets out of Ukraine, war will be INEVITABLE, because NATO will immediately launch Barbarossa II, which they've been chafing at the bit to do forever. "then america gets a taste of what the russians and chinese have suffered." Sounds like you'd like that, ted. Which means I trust you as much as I'd trust a Russian peace negotiator.
Someone upthread claimed the now failed attempted coup in Washington was run by the same people who “ran the Maidan” or words to that effect. Maybe you want to re-think that. If the Maidan was a CIA production, why were they unable to duplicate it in DC? If this is how the “people who ran the Maidan” do a putsch, it's time for all you believers in Nuland’s magic cookies to re-examine the Maidan. If the people who were allegedly running the show in DC did in fact try to make a coup in Ukraine, their failure in Washington shoots down the Russian disinfo over what went down in Kyiv. If the CIA et al are so competent at coup-making that they could keep hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians out in bitter cold for 4 months, how come they couldn't keep a much smaller crowd on the street more than a few days, in nice weather? In Ukraine in 2014 and in Washington last weekend, behind-the-scenes machinations could not determine the ultimate outcome. Washington's fizzle - no attack on the White House - gives the lie to the idea that the Maidan could have been a paid for coup because, though there was surely funding from underhanded sources, perhaps including the deep state, involved in the terror-riots of late May to early June, it couldn't keep people going for four months like the Ukrainians did in 2014. Blacks will riot until the stores are empty, they get tired and hungry, and need to get back to their drugs they left at the crib. Nice virtuous Whites will march until they get bored, tired and hungry, and need to get back to their wifi. This proves what I have always argued, that it was the Ukrainians’ spirit of revolution - and no, the people on the Maidan were not “marginal”, as Ischenko claims - that ousted Yanukovych, not money.
@ turcopolier 05June 0924 Colonel, I do not want him, either. He has now called Trump "the most divisive president" ever and a "threat to the Constitution". The ignorance displayed in these remarks is breathtaking. Mattis was said, in Marine Corps publications, to have been a "warrior monk"; one who lived entirely for the Corps and had little going on outside it. The Marines have always attracted a kind of violence-prone, oddball romantic type, Lee Harvey Oswald being only the most notorious example. IMO, Mattis would have been better served to go former Marine Fred Reed's route in retirement. Reed, while having some bad ideas about immigration, wrote a book titled "A Brass Pole In Bangkok, A Thing I'd Like To Be". Some time spent soaking in the activities around a brass pole in Bangkok, though not doing his soul much good, might have given the general a better perspective on life on earth.
@ srw 3 June 11:38 AM "Chicago probably set the most egregious example: "Michael Jordan’s brilliance leading the Chicago Bulls to multiple basketball championships in the 1990s had a downside, the Windy city rioted nearly every time they won. The worst outbreak of civil disorder was after the team’s third consecutive championship in June 1993 when two people died. A woman standing on her balcony was shot and killed by a stray bullet and a man was pulled from his car at an intersection and shot to death. Nearly 700 were arrested as fans and police fought pitch battles. There was ‘random gunfire’ heard across the city when the Bulls beat the Phoenix Suns. After rioting in 1991 and 1992 (1,000 arrests, $10 million dollars damage) the authorities decided to flood the city with police officers in 1993 but this did not stop the rioting. However, the city might have learnt its lesson. When the city’s baseball team The Cubs won their first World Series since 1908 over a million people turned out to be one of the biggest congregations of humans in history, and it passed of peacefully." ****************************************************************** The Bulls riots unfolded right under my living room window on West Madison Street, as did the '65, '68 and Rodney King riots. (I only heard about the '68 riot from my parents, being as I was in VN). In ‘93, platoon-sized police response teams were forming up in the middle of the intersection with Springfield Avenue, all traffic being re-routed away from the area, and then dispatched to hot spots. I saw attempts being made by groups of would-be looters to get into buildings across the street from us; they'd wait until a team had been dispatched and there were only one or two cars holding the corner, and try to sneak by, but more cops kept coming and chasing them away. I was there, blissed out in the middle of that joyful crowd, for the Cubs celebration. It's a lie that there were only one million people. I was standing in the middle of Michigan Avenue with a clear view up and down the length of it, and also with a long view to the west down one of the connecting roads, probably Monroe. For as far as the eye could see, which was from Roosevelt Road on the south to Chicago Avenue on the north, people were standing shoulder to shoulder and asshole to belly-button from sidewalk to sidewalk, and pressed right up against the buildings. To the west looking down Monroe a good quarter mile, same thing. Oh, and there were 900,000 more people (police estimate) waiting for the formal reception for the team, on the great lawn of Grant Park a few blocks east. And they were all one crowd: there was an unbroken sea of humanity from Michigan Avenue all the way to Grant Park. The lowest crowd estimate I saw was three million, and a couple of sources (sorry, lost the link) put it at a cool five million, making it the second largest crowd in American history, topped only by the New York City ticker tape parade for Ike at seven million. It took me probably an hour to inch my way from Michigan Avenue about two blocks east, hoping for a better view of the Cubs’ motorcade. At that point, all movement became impossible and I was stuck about 20 feet from the sidewalk. I just did get a glimpse of the team as they drove by, in the open top of a double decker bus. Aside from the size of the crowd, there was one difference - and it made all the difference - between the Bulls "celebration" and that of the Cubs, and it had nothing to do with the police being better prepared: we were White. We stood there pressed together without fear, welcomed and recognized by our tribe, and gave ourselves over for a few hours to our love of the Cubs, of baseball, and to memories of family who had passed away, never getting to see this day. And then we quietly went home.
What America has experienced over the period running, so far, from roughly May 29th, 2020 to June 1st, 2020 is nothing less than White America’s Kristallnacht. It is, in fact, much worse than the one night event which took place on November 9th, 1938, in Germany. The property damage alone will vastly exceed that of the 1938 event. Whether the emotional shock to the targets of today’s violence exceeds what the Jews of Germany say they felt remains to be seen. To some degree, this will be determined by how our leaders and the media portray it. The stakes are extremely high, so there will be a rush to fill the interpretive vacuum. I have given my interpretation above. But millions of Americans have only now had their eyes opened to a problem which they did not know existed, or of which they may have been dimly aware, but had little idea how bad it was. Given what we know about our politicians and media, we can be sure they will try to shape the public’s perceptions of this in ways that will benefit politicians and media, not the victims. Most of these ways will be anti-White, slightly less so on the “conservative” side, but still conceding the moral high ground to non-whites and their whino (white in name only) enablers. Early results are in, and the blaming of Whites and grovelling before blacks have already reached proportions I have never seen before. For there seems to be another virus loose in the world, to go with the Chinese one, itself a threat originating with non-Whites with evidence to suggest it was purposely directed at Whites. This companion virus to Covid is the pandemic of hatred of Whites. We see it from the most rabid looter, to the cultured TV talker who tells us all Whites have a racism virus in their brain, to the savage black who stalked and murdered 86 and 85 year old Paul and Lydia Marino in the cemetery where they were visiting their son’s grave, a few days after the Floyd story broke. Opportunistic infections following in White-hatred’s wake are White self-hatred, hatred of police, and, that old fallback for revolutionaries everywhere, America-hatred. All over the world, people who have never met an African, much less an African-American, and still less experienced their cold, hard stare of hatred and the violence that so often follows meeting one, have discovered they “can’t breathe”. Nor, it would seem, do they want non-grovelling Whites to breathe the same air as they do. As another night promising to be full of broken glass here in Chicago approaches, I know these things: After the last four nights in America, I am going to be sure to mention these days to anyone proffering me another story about "Kristalnacht". And, for what blacks and their whino hangers-on have done to my people, they must never be forgiven, and indeed, reparations must be demanded for generations to come.