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@Deap: "I prefer on Inauguration Day, out-going President Trump staring his laser like eyes into the vacant soul of the "President Elect" and every supporter Biden has surrounding and propping him up. That is an unflinching moment to be recorded for all eternity, and a moment that should not be missed." This not a spaghetti western. The Colonel's way is far better. We must keep the base fired up. Trump should do everything he can to stir our hatred and to heap scorn on the enemy. This would be a fighting retreat, a withdrawal under fire, in order better to build strength for the counter-attack.
"Best is in a wasser brotchen mit sempf." Never knew they could be served that way, but sounds good. Reminds me of a Chicago favorite: Italian beef sandwich, dunked in its juice.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2020 on Nueske brats. at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Do you eat them in a bun, or straight up?
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2020 on Nueske brats. at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Today is also the birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps. Happy 245th birthday, Marines! Today would also have been the 119th birthday of my father. He tried to enlist in World War One, but was only 16 or 17 and his dad wouldn't sign the enlistment paper. 25 years later, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, but couldn't get sent overseas - this time for being too old!
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2020 on Lest We Forget By Walrus. at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Larry thank you for a very uplifting piece of writing. To feel connected to the Valley Forge heroes - "His men were now hanging on to fading hopes of a viable path to victory." is a wonderful thought.
@Michael D McCarthy: "Does this mean that you will support nothing that the Biden administration, regardless of its benefit to the nation?" The ideology of the people controlling Biden is anathema to the American way of life, contemptuous of American history, and will eventually be fatal to the Silent Majority, now known as "deplorables" but soon to be the new kulaks. The only thing Biden could have done that would have benefited the nation is to have refrained from claiming victory until all the legal votes were counted - and all the illegal votes thrown out. By claiming victory Biden stuck his thumb in the eyes of at least 71 million Americans. For all of this, he deserves nothing less than our implacable enmity should he manage to snatch the presidency.
@ Deap:"Underscores that Americans really don't want anyone telling them what to do" That's the way we WERE. Today, millions of Americans simply want to destroy the vestiges of old America. They have been so brainwashed by the commies in the education racket that they are perfectly content with a cradle to grave government telling them what to do 24/7/365, so long as God is kept out of it, abortion and drugs are kept legal, consumer goods are cheap, and they can feel morally superior to deplorables.
This will keep up the momentum for a recount: There is also the remedy that each state legislature can legally name its own electors. All the battleground states have Republican-controlled legislatures. And if it comes to a vote in the U.S. House, Republican states outnumber Democrat states:
@ LondonBob: "Meh, there was never the will to crush the American upstarts, hence recruiting problems and use of German mercenaries, it had domestic political ramifications increasing the power of the crown. There were ties of blood too, plus many senior commanders had served in the Seven Years War alongside the colonial troops. Eventually as other European powers got involved the priority came to beat them rather than the colonials. Still every nation needs its founding myths and you are welcome to yours. Interested in the hammer and scorecard stuff, the Sidney Powell lady seems to take it seriously." Posted by: LondonBob | 10 November 2020 at 03:59 AM Still a little touchy about losing to a bunch of irregulars and farmers, eh?
Deap, hang in with us. Your thoughtful comments are needed. Little by little, (I'm rearing teen-agers, so time is tight and many other things to think/worry about) we'll refute the dems. But didn't you say the other day that you were going on a long walk by the ocean and weren't coming back? (Not that I want you to go!) Might have been Leith, I get you mixed up. Can't leave the field, eh?
@ srw The alleged Biden margin of 5 million “votes” is not a “fact” it is a massive fraud. Take your razor and shove it where it hurts.
@ john merryman "Yes and this election was like the wildebeest having to chose between the lions and the hyenas." Failed simile. We wildebeestes had a choice between safety and hyena/lion/snake. The others ARE the hyenas, lions and snakes, and they voted for themselves.
Perhaps Fentanyl Floyd was joined by these human sacrifice victims. (See the Abstract)
Maidan comes to USA Posted by: Patrick Armstrong | 24 July 2020 at 12:03 PM What a lying, stupid and slanderous comparison. If the vicious bolshevik White-hating rioters in Grant Park are to be compared to anything Ukrainian, they are the violent Stalin-worshipping titushky and soccer hooligans that were shipped in from the sovietized east to terrorize the Maidan, not the Ukrainian patriots who kept the Maidan going for three brutal months. How blindly russophile does one have to be to attempt such a complete reversal of the facts? These scum in black are exactly the opposite of the Maidan patriots, and in order for Armstrong’s analogy to work, the Trump administration must be the equivalent of the Russian-proxy Yanukovych government, poised to relinquish American sovereignty to Russia or China - maybe the only concession Trump has shown some ability to resist. White Americans would do well to rise to the level of bravery, toughness, perseverance and self-sacrifice that the Ukrainians demonstrated during the Revolution of Dignity. It is going to take that level of resistance, if Biden wins, to keep from being enslaved in the neo-soviet, feminazi, negro-centric country his controllers and their red guards have shown they will go to any lengths to create.
And the question I forgot to ask was of course: which kind of luck do you wish them?
I am feeling a bit playful today, Colonel, so in that spirit I will pose a question: I notice you did not specify which type of "luck", good or bad, you wished the Chinese. For myself, I wish them that their lunar rover does a nice rollover as it rolls down the exit ramps. It would do me a lot of good to see that thing belly up, waving its antennae like a dead bug!
@ John in Michigan | 15 July 2020 at 06:03 PM Agree completely, especially your last sentence. What is your sense of how Trump will do in Michigan?
@ BillWade ..."the very best thing you can do for yourself is to run away fast from sugar." They will pry my sugar from my cold, dead hands.
@ Stephanie "unique favorable effects on the immune response." Are you talking about using it before or after symptoms appear? IOW, is this for prevention, or mitigation? Of the so-called "cytokine storm"?
I have always regretted that, in all my world travels, there are two great countries I never managed to set foot in: Italy, and the South. And now it looks like I will never get to see the South.
Colonel, Thanks for the correction. Come to think of it, one of the creeps, Cuomo, might prefer she live to testify, since there is a chance Trump might be involved. JP, Yeah, lots of ways she can get dead.
@ JP Billen "Let's hope the Federal Detention Center in Brooklyn is more secure than the one in Manhattan where Epstein was held." Both are under the control of two of Trump's enemies, Governor Cuomo (who has his own sordid past to consider), and Mayor DeBlasio.
@turcopolier "no. I don't remember." Yep, happens. I don't remember why I made most of the major decisions in my life! Thanks for your reply, sir.
Colonel, They sure are. I believe it's part of their identity now. Happy Independence Day to you and SWMBO.
@ Diana Our school's preparations for Armageddon didn't go as far as yours, (and now I'm wondering why not?) but I'll never forget watching the skies for incoming ICBMs on the way home from school in October, '62. Apparently, however, we owe our continued existence to a Russian naval officer, who waited a crucial few seconds more than he was supposed to before firing on an advancing U.S. warship, and as a result, got the word that he was to stand down. Credit where credit is due ... @Fred The way I read it, TTG didn't claim the Russian interference won the election for Trump, just that it happened. But I concede that only when the Russians get good enough to manufacture millions of actual votes for a candidate, as the dems did for hilldog, is there ground for complaint. @makkinejad What does alleged American involvement in the drug trade have to do with it? Are you saying that it's ok for the Russians to offer that as an excuse for continued support or encouragement of the Taliban?