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Though this article was very in depth, I felt it was also accessible to many audiences. As I am not an economics major I did not understand the process but the results were very interesting. Did this article center around divers because they are the largest form of ecotourism for Barbados? I would be interested to see the breakdown of money earned from tourism and what types of tourists bring in what percent of the local economy. I would think the divers could and would pay more for high quality reefs but I also think others benefit. Perhaps a tax on the people who live there would help. If their reef and beaches remain in the same condition and others decline their vacation destination will become even more popular and bring economic gains to them. The consumer side tax is interesting but I wonder if it should be more on the residents as they will benefit economically by having better economic resources.
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2016 on ECON 255 for next Thursday at Jolly Green General
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Feb 3, 2016