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CTCSS is for LISTENING so you can hear things on your SCANNER. You the don't refer to the CTCSS when referring to the TX TONE.
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I am a General Class Ham Radio Operator and i will tell you exaxtly what this is. This is a Motorola Phone that was made to complete communications in sometimes loud places like a saw mill. That is the reason for the rubber ear and mouth muffs. When you pick up the phone, the green light lets you know that the phone is ringing. The red light comes on when the person on the other end of the phone picks up. The dial on the right sigh that says A.F. Gain, means Audio Frequency Gain. This will turn the volume up. Remember that this is a two way radio you are talking on and still not a phone, even though it looks like it, so When you press the private button, this sends one of many tones that you cant hear with the human ear but the other radio can hear it. That way it used to make it more difficult for someone to listen in. The Direct button turns it off again. In the middle are the switches to turn on the spoeaker phone and the other to put you on another frequency. I would like to buy this phone if you're sellling it. Hehe. I like old stuff.
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Feb 5, 2016