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I am 18 my bf Mark is 20. He is an alpha male. I told him Iwas gay at 14 he was 16 and had beed best friends are whole life he was a talented jick and huge pussy hous when I told him I was gay he said be my lover. I am not submissive and sometimes it takes some work for him to understand no Alpha Males are so much work. I was a virgin at 14 hehad me sucking his dickthat night and he started fucking me the next day with a 8 inch cock it took him 3 weeks before I could haandle his cock. Nowit's 9.6" and when he fucks me it is absolutely incredible I willnever have a better lover. He asked me a whileback to fuck our 2 best friends who are brothers and were virgins it's like 3 years later and Iam still fucking and blowing Chris and Brian. They are straight and smoking hot so I am not bitching. I have 3 dudes i have sex with and never have to leave the house.Mark is awesome. 4 years this month
Interests: Well taking care of mark he's an alpha male 2 years older. I am 18 he's 20 we been together 4 years
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Feb 21, 2016