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This is the second of your posts I have read about the blogging community and how others are affecting the vibe! I too want to say thank you for writing about this, it's so lovely to see someone who's doing well in blogging to stick up for us new, less popular bloggers out there and for also raising up the ones being successful too. I myself have encountered bitchiness and isolation, snide remarks and looking down at me from other bloggers, sadly it tends to be the ones who are doing well that behave this way, I often feel like if my blog hasn't won an award or I'm not in with the right blog circles then I'm not worth bothering with, it makes me very sad to see that women still behave this way. I've had a few blogging friends go on and do brilliantly and I couldn't be happier or prouder of them, I've had to take a step back on blogging for a few years but it kept me motivated and inspired to get going again seeing others do so well! It's important that the ones who are spreading bad vibes are called out, it's important that bullying isn't tolerated, hopefully your post will prompt others to do this, or check themselves and their attitudes! Thank you again! X
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2016 on How Blogging Got Bitchy at The Prosecco Diaries
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Feb 24, 2016