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I believe that problem is not just the religion, but the person itself. To build a better nation, politicians must think of nation as equal apart from race, colors, and ethics. Practicing of one or particular faith does not harm anyone and nor any religion promotes violence. All humanity must have right to their faith at least! As far as American Laws go the very first Amendment is all about freedom of religion and speech so, every American citizen should feel free to use their rights as loyal to this country.There should not be wars anyways based on the religions. According to an article,In fact, religious elements played no role at all in 14 (40%) of the 35 armed conflicts in the research, and only five (14%) had religious elements as their main cause, the report showed. All of the wars had multiple causes, and the much more common motivation was opposition to a government, or to the economic, ideological, political or social systems of a state, which was named as a main factor in nearly two thirds of the cases studied".
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Feb 26, 2016