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Ottawa, ON Canada
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Awesome analogy with the running downhill. To expand a bit...getting momentum behind you is so much easier when you are going downhill. But remember it is getting past that 'peak' that tips you from running uphill vs downhill that is the most difficult part. When you are going uphill, never turn around to and go downhill towards the bottom where you started. Because it will be easy to go downhill that way too. So ALWAYS strive to get to the peak. And then downhill to the other side of the mountain is breeze!
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2016 on Get Out Of Your Way at Re:Focus
I really enjoyed reading this blog post this morning. I don't know how...but reading Simon Sinek's words always seem to come at the right time....just when I need them. Awesome!
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2016 on The Left-Siders at Re:Focus
Very cool. Your ability to story-tell to spread your insights is magic!
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2016 on The Definition of Purpose at Re:Focus
This is a really awesome list.
Toggle Commented Feb 29, 2016 on You Are Allowed at Re:Focus
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Feb 29, 2016