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Well explained. Except I always call it the 2%. The 2% that didn't show up in 2010 and lost the house, for example. Or the "disenchanted" 2% difference between Obama's 53% win in '08 and the 51% win in '12. 7% or 2%? Whatever. The idea's the same: People who have illusions about the makeup of society. It always feels like everybody is "with" you when you're drunk on righteous indignation. I blame "inspiring" movies... ha. Just that: Bernie is less like Leonidas than he (and his supporters) thinks and more like Will Ferrell streaking in "Old School" than he realizes.
Not sure what you're talking about with "Mao's first revision." Here in Taiwan we read Traditional Mandarin, i.e. the standard Mandarin untouched by Mao's reforms. There is a Hokkien language here, but that came here long before Mao.
Hey Man! (edit: or "Ma'am", I guess, since it suddenly occurred to me I don't know your gender...) I was working on a blog entry over at Daily Kos (read and post there a bit... though recently it's been overrun by the Bernie Brigade), trying to detail the devastating implications of Sanders' ridiculous answers to Matthews about "how" he would get anything done. I realized I needed the exact transcript so I googled "Matthews Sanders Transcript". Though I did eventually find it, I also found this blog, which I like. Particularly the article you wrote about the Sanders/Matthews interview that the Google brought me to. It helped me realize there's no point in trying to calmly express to deadenders that, "Hey, Mitch. Look out that window, huh?" is not a governing strategy. Then, hours later, Kos himself dropped a rare blog that basically said, "okay, you've taken over my site for months, but on Tuesday when Bernie goes down so does the fanboy bullshit." Should all be over by Wednesday if she bags MA in the haul. Anyway, Like the way you write/think politics. You should cross-post over there. You'd get some interested traffic over here.
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Feb 29, 2016