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Well, don't know why I'm just a as a name, but the name is Denise.
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I actually prefer standalones because I'm slightly OCD. I can't stand to read them out of order, and, almost without fail, I stumble upon authors I like in the middle of a series and it just about drives me crazy to have to go backwards in a story to catch the previous ones. Fortunately I've been reading yours since the days of Lord Reybourne's Betrothed and The Stanforth Secrets, so I've been able to read all of them in order. That being said, I do also enjoy series for reason's mentioned previously by others. I like the opportunity to revisit old friends. But, series for series sake isn't good. A writer has to be able to do it well (which you do). The series that I dislike are the ones where we get three or four couples' partial stories. I don't want to read soap operas in novel form (found one or two of those this year and pretty much quit reading those authors unless it was a standalone book). I also wish they would quit classifying the multi-book series with the same couple as romance, maybe call it suspense with a romantic subplot, but let us know we wont' get the whole story in one book, please! I want a romance to have an HEA by the final page, not a "to be continued..." There are only a couple of series like I've just described that I like, but for the most part I avoid them if possible. If I wind up with one that ends with an obvious "stay tuned for the next episode of Dick and Jane" and wasn't told about that up front, I'm not usually a happy camper. So basically, if you write it, I will most likely read it (yes, there ARE things I will not read no matter who the author is, but so far that hasn't been you). Thanks for the years of wonderful reading!
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2016 on When is a Rogue...? at Word Wenches
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Mar 8, 2016