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I think I've commented a whopping number of ONE time in the whole 6? 7? years of reading, but I want to play! Your age: 27 Your state: Texas Are you female? Yes Do you have kids? NOPE. two very time consuming dogs, and two cats, though. Are you sassy? Not as much as I'd like to be. It's empowering when the sass comes out. Would you eat a bowl of Captain Crunch right now if it were offered to you? In a hot damn minute. Why is the Crunch so good?
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Delurking after 6 years of reading to say: HOLY BALLS. Where do I even start with humiliating stories of my youth. Every story above breaks my heart. Thankfully, by the 90s teachers would have gone straight to prison for THROWING SCISSORS. SHIT. I realize how very fortunate I was to always have the kindest teachers. Fourth grade was rouughhhhhh, my grandmother died the first week of school and I wasn't in a class with any of my very close friends. One day at school all of the girls in my class ganged up on me and whispered about me while staring at me, called me fat, tried to trip me walking to my desk. They said that they were mad at me for some incredibly contrived reason that I can't really remember. I didn't answer Holley's phone call that weekend? I wasn't friends with Holley and she certainly wouldn't have been trying to call my house. I choked back tears all morning, made it to lunch and couldn't hold it together anymore. On the playground, one of my best friends threw a basketball as hard as she could at the ring-leaders head. Maybe not the best way to handle that situation but I felt vindicated and relieved to have a protector. The mean-girl act kicked back up after lunch and I broke down the second my teacher laid her hand on my shoulder. She was sweet and old and pulled me into a hug, then sent me to another teacher's rooms while she lambasted the rest of the girls for doing what they'd done. I am crying as I write this remembering how painful it was.
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Mar 15, 2016